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Coil removal / pregnancy feelings

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GingerDoodle Tue 31-Jan-17 10:28:58

Hi all.

I've had a copper coil for a couple of years. We decided to try for a second child. For background info: DD took 6 months to conceive after 9 years of implants. I didn't take well to hormonal contraceptives after her so had the copper coil which i've had no symptoms and regular, uneventful periods since.

I checked on my coil strings and removed it myself (string were long and it came out so easily I think it may have been dislodged anyway) a day after my period ended (unusually short one, couple of days of spotting / one heavy day requiring a tampon then spotting).

That was Saturday and since then i've started to feel, for want of a better description, like I id when I was pregnant.

Little twinges in the pelvic region, slightly nauseous, and a couple of other things that I had only when pregnant the first time!

It's unlikely right? It far too early to test even I was so I guess I'm just musing - but had any had similar experiences?

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