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that monday morning feeling!!

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jenjingles Mon 26-Feb-07 12:30:26

hi just wonered if anyone else has felt like this. I'm 20wks pg with baby number three and woke up this morning and cried and cried then rang in sick to work just didn't feel i could face it, not enjoying work at the moment at all!! now feel a fraud as could have really made it in oops,am i adreadful wimp??

bertieboo Mon 26-Feb-07 12:59:32

Hi jen,
Sorry you are feeling so low. I am also 20 weeks pregnant and have days where i feel absolutely bloody rotten and hate everyone and everything.

I dont blame you for calling in sick when you are doing a job you hate. Its so tough to motivate yourself when you are in that position. All i would say is dont beat yourself up about it! You have 2 children,a job, and carrying number 3 - thats exhausting in itself without being mentally drained by doing something you aren't currently enjoying.

Dont feel a fraud - thats me.. i am on baby number 1 and I regularly want to skive !!

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