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reassurance needed

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jld128 Mon 30-Jan-17 20:58:29

hi all

i'm 16weeks and have got like a niggle constipation pain on and off just on one side of my stomach it's no massively painful i'm just a worrier no bleeding or anything like that had 5scans one being this saturday just gone and everything has been perfect plus bump has really grown over last few days could it be growing pains?

any help much appreciated

Phoenix76 Mon 30-Jan-17 23:08:52

Hello! I'm no midwife but had two babies and what you're experiencing is very similar to what I had the pleasure of in both. Evidently, several causes. Ligaments stretching, uterus stretching, relaxin (spelling?) hormone all harmless but mildly annoying. Hope you're ok, but sounds normal to me!

calimommy Tue 31-Jan-17 01:59:19

Ligament pain. Add it to the list of the many pregnancy complaints. Expect more! X

jld128 Tue 31-Jan-17 09:19:15

thanks very much that's what i'm thinking it is feels much better today

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