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Hormonal mess

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JHmummy Mon 30-Jan-17 12:26:14

Hi everyone,
I feel like such a hormonal mess today. I'm 8 weeks. I've been suffering from nausea on and off, for a few weeks now. I woke up this morning feeling sick, achy, had a big headache, zero energy and just felt rubbish in general. It's not been a great day. Got the post through this morning, and apparently we owe tax credits money. No idea why or how that happened. Also found out we owe over a grand to hmrc last week, so when I opened the letter from tax credits this morning I just burst into tears. We now have so much to pay out for before baby arrives, that my anxiety is through the roof. To make matters worse my toddler is super clingy, and likes to climb all over my tummy making my nausea worse. No energy to entertain him so feeling really guilty. I don't remember having moments like this during my last pregnancy, this time around I feel twice as worse! Think I'm also feeling anxious about knowing if baby is ok. We have an early private scan booked in a few days time and I'm impatiently waiting to see if baby is healthy. Any words of wisdom would be lovely. I'd love to hibernate, but have settled with paracetamol instead!

arbrighton Mon 30-Jan-17 13:06:47

1) toddler will be ok with the square nanny (tv) for a little while

2) Talk to HMRC to see how best to deal with payment. Money doesn't come out of thin air. But, maybe OH can do that? Get them to check their calculations too

3) be realistic about spending- is it a nice to have or a necessary. MoneySaving Expert forums are great if you need to find areas to cut back (sorry, I know, different website GASP but it's their 'expertise')

4) Every pregnancy is different. Do what you can, when you can. Try to relax. Stress is not going to help new baby.

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