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Fed up of feeling sick now

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SumAndSubstance Mon 30-Jan-17 10:43:40

I'm 24 weeks pregnant today and still constantly fighting the urge to be sick. I think with DS1 I stopped feeling sick at about the 20 week mark, which was long enough. Has anybody else had this? Is there any hope it will end soon....?

Coreynkayden Mon 30-Jan-17 11:48:14

Im afraid thats part off pregnancy i only had sickness at around 8 to 15 weeks im 6 weeks with my 3rd child my friends have had sickness all the way through yoy can get help with tablets from doctors if youu feel that unwelll xx

LHReturns Mon 30-Jan-17 12:02:38

OP I feel so sorry for you.

I am now 23 weeks in my second pregnancy. I have had Hyperemesis with both but with the first it ended absolutely at around 14 weeks and it didn't really return. I could eat and operate fairly normally after that.

This time it has been much worse. I was on steroids and Ondansetron until 14 weeks. While I did get better after this (and no longer on drugs), it still hasn't got REALLY better. I still have to constantly think about how much food and rest I am getting to keep it under control. Still throw up occasionally also, and nearly always feel slightly nauseous.

Like you I have felt very depressed about it because it has seemed like I am destined to feel rubbish until May which mentally is a terrible thought.

However, just in the last week I have had a further improvement. I had assumed that if the sickness doesn't improve after the first trimester then I will never get better. I now know that not to be true and the lovely women on the Hyperemesis thread reassured me about this. Many women get better at around the stage you and I are at - more than suffer all the way until 40 weeks.

I'm sure many posters will be along soon to say that they DID get better at 20-something weeks.

Hang in there and don't assume this is you until May probably won't be!

Sunnie1984 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:51:22

Sorry but it's impossible to say how long it will last.

With my first I had HG for 24 weeks, next two pregnancies it never went away and actually got worse towards the end.

Hang on in there and get medication if you can. Ondanastetron was the only one that worked for me

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