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Normal for 31 weeks??

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Hollz26 Mon 30-Jan-17 09:17:28

Im 31 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling so sick particularly in the morning like my morning sickness has returned? Is this quite common around this time? I have the worst wind aswell! Making me feel horrible these next weeks need to hurry up! Anyone else feel like this? X

user1468957349 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:40:10

May well be the wind contributing to your nausea. I suffered with both excess and trapped wind from about 29 weeks through to about 35 weeks. Things that helped me were peppermint tea, peppermint cordial and ginger beer (make sure it's not too fuzzy) oh and ginger biscuits too. X

Notanotherpawpatrol Mon 30-Jan-17 10:46:50

Yep, I would say all quite normal. Lots of people have morning sickness return in the 3rd trimester hmm

ShutTheFridgeUp Mon 30-Jan-17 10:47:17

I had horrendous sickness from about 32 weeks (none at all before then) MW told me that it was another change in hormones as you start getting closer to labour.

Hollz26 Mon 30-Jan-17 11:02:25

Ah i did wonder if my hormones all over place again as my eczema has flared up again aswell x

mistermagpie Mon 30-Jan-17 11:10:51

I am 31 weeks today and feel exactly the same! I'm really suffering with heartburn at night so figured it was a knock-on from that, but if I don't eat quite quickly when I wake up I feel really queasy. It could be hormones too because my usually clear skin is full of spots... oh the joys. At least we are on the home straight now!

Hollz26 Mon 30-Jan-17 11:19:38

Aw yeah just started getting heartburn last week aswell glad to know its not just me! I was only sayin the other day i dont miss the morning sickness and nausea 🙈🙊

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