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Exhausted and dreading work...

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Herbie84 Sun 29-Jan-17 18:23:00

Ive been off work the last 3 weeks with laryngitis. My voice has returned but the tiredness has remained. I also have a really sore throat now and im still coughing (but not as violently, thankfully!) and i literally pee myself whenever i cough (the glamour of it all). Saw doc on Thurs and theyve taken water sample and are checking for infection and i have bloods on Weds to check iron levels.
Im soo exhausted, havent managed to look after my son alone since feeling ill due to zero energy and i really dont know how im going to get thru work tomorrow. I want to get back, i really like my job but i dont want to go back before im recovered.
My first pregnancy was a dream, healthiest id ever felt. I dont know if this is just a rougher time and i need to suck it up or if i need to rest. Tears have been shed at the tiredness. Any advice?!

Kelsey28 Sun 29-Jan-17 18:33:10

No magic answer I'm afraid. Ive been sick all day today and been up since 2am. I'm dreading school tomorrow without a TA. If my TA hadn't already called in absent I think I would have!!

Herbie84 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:43:35

Its awful isnt it.
Im 18 weeks now and was sure im meant to feel blooming by now 😷😢👎

confusedat23 Sun 29-Jan-17 23:03:13

Hey Herbie just a thought I have been a sufferer of Perniscious Anaemia which can develop in pregnancy (although the form i have is a bit different). The symtoms you are describing are a lot like what i had when i was diagnosed.

I would suggest you make sure they are doing a full blood count to see if this is the case! Also have a look at the Perniscious Anaemia society website just to see if you relate to what they are saying and discuss it with your doctor.

I started out with a sore throat that wouldn't shift and then a dry cough in my chest that wouldn't clear... that and the extreme tiredness were the only real "symptoms" i had at the time.

If it is PA then please feel free to message me smile

Herbie84 Mon 30-Jan-17 07:48:55

Thank you confusedat23 they're going to do the full blood count on Weds too so hopefully they check for it. My Grandmother and Cousin both have PA and have regular B12 injections.
I may ne in touch! X

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