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Aches and twinges!

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user1481800358 Sun 29-Jan-17 13:17:03

Hi Ladies,

So I am 12w pregnant and for the last week I have had more twinges in my sides more often previous weeks. I also keep getting on/off stitch just below my right rib (too high for uterus). I phoned my MW and she said that with everything moving around, it is likely a twinged ligament?? It isnt painful at all just get it now and again throughout the day and I know it is not ectopic (had early scan).

Is it quite common to start feeling more aches and little twinges towards the end of 1st trimester? I know this is nothing compared to further along the pregnancy! However, I am very curious if you have all felt the same at this stage please? Scan isnt until Thursday.

Thanks everyone smile

PuddingPie16 Mon 30-Jan-17 17:53:03

Anybody please?? smile

NinaMarieP Mon 30-Jan-17 21:57:57

I'm fourteen weeks today and I've definitely felt more and more twinges in the past few weeks. Down both sides of where my uterus is mostly. I think everything is just growing and stretching there and it's pretty normal from what I've read. Doesn't stop me pausing to analyse every twinge and discomfort though!

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