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How mnay Paracetamol?

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divamumplus Sun 25-Feb-07 23:00:32

I have serious cough and sore throat. Im having two paracetamol a day. I presume i can only have paracetamol but how many can i have a day?

joolsandoliver Sun 25-Feb-07 23:06:03

You can have the normal dose, i.e 8 500mg tabs a day (2 tabs at least 4 hours apart from previous dose) but be very careful with taking any other cold medications. Beechams etc are no no's due to decongestants. Obviously being pregnant you will want to take as little as possible so try orange and honey, moaning as much as possible etc.... Seriously though, honey has lots of anti-bacterial properties. But do take some paracetamol if it helps. Hope you feel better soon x

divamumplus Mon 26-Feb-07 10:25:23

thanks joolsandoliver,
yes, im doing the moaning bit very well
but i have 2year old which i dont want her catch it, i had 2 paracetamol yesterday.

joolsandoliver Wed 28-Feb-07 00:34:49

I do hope you feel better soon

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