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Due and anxious

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Trulyamnearanear Sat 28-Jan-17 19:24:03

I'm due any day now and the panic/anxiety has really set it.
The main focus is something going wrong with the bump, but also existing dc getting upset, midnight labour and ensuing chaos.
I'm counting and assessing movement constantly in fear of it stopping. I've already had 2 middle of the night phone calls to MAU.

My first was 3 days early so this is all uncharted territory. Is this level of obsessive thought normal???

Pointlesscrap Sun 29-Jan-17 02:42:34

Yes it is Hun, I've had two premature births both at 34 weeks and and two full term births. I still get anxious and obsessive from 33 weeks onwards thinking I could have the baby any day. A little more anxious this time as the baby is breach and I'm 35+4 weeks. Easy for me to say but try and relax and get some rest you can't stop the baby from coming when it chooses to come so try and go with the flow of things 😊 Wish you all the best flowers

Pandabear123 Sun 29-Jan-17 08:54:53

I am due on 10th Feb and I have had a bad case of the jitters too!! Mine mostly about coping with no sleep again (I really struggled with my first), feeding issues (particularly in the night) and how it will all affect my toddler. Think it is normal to get worriesd: it is a huge new change in our lives and even though we have had one, this is a brand new little person plus added dynamic of already having a toddler means it is still uncharted territory. I have become much calmer& the thought of labour/ arrival of baby has become a positive one in my mind again in the past 2 days having talked through my concerns and what went wrong last time with a BF specialist. Maybe make a list of what is worrying you and go through them with your midwife to reassure you that everything will be fine x

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