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OVERDUE - sweep / induction / just sit tight?

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user1465146157 Fri 27-Jan-17 13:57:37

Hi - so i'm now officially overdue by 1 day.

I don't feel too impatient as its only a day, bit concerned about pressure to be induced at my next appointment but right now feel like its not ready so might try the usual walking/raspberry tea type stuff over the weekend.

In the mean time - anyone got any tips on what I should/could be doing right now to be useful?! I feel like I'm in limbo, can't really make plans just in case, want to rest but aware i'll never have this time again.

Also any pros and cons about having a sweep / induction?

Its my first pregnancy


Chelazla Fri 27-Jan-17 14:04:00

Sweeps are the best! Had one went into labour 4 hours later! The won't induce you because you're a day late don't worry!

hopsalong Fri 27-Jan-17 14:04:50

Good luck! I found being overdue difficult psychologically and it sounds as if you have a good, relaxed attitude. Can you plan one nice little treat every day? (With hope of course that it will have to be cancelled!) And I'm sure it's worth trying a sweep. They can't always do them anyway (a midwife tried three times with me, but cervix was too high and closed). At any event, you'll get more information from the process about how 'close' you seem to be, and that might help to plan accordingly?

I was told the day before my induction that if you do 'run out' of time, as I did, and have a low Bishop's score (combination of effacement/ dilation etc) then, as a first time mother, you have a 60% chance of the induction not working and ending up with a c-section. Which was what happened. I think it might have been good to know that a little earlier, so I could have planned -- stocked up on c-section knickers and paracetamol -- and maybe got one of those bassinets that fit right next to the bed.

But you have at least ten days before that!

startingtheengine Fri 27-Jan-17 14:08:57

I had a sweep at 40+5 baby arrived 2 days later.

Good luck and enjoy your newborn cuddles.

Popskipiekin Fri 27-Jan-17 14:09:21

Just one day. I'd sit tight for now. You can refuse sweeps and inductions, you may feel they are presented to you as "this is what is going to happen" but truly it's totally up to you.
Fwiw - I had an induction with DC1 and a sweep with DC2 which got things going within 24 hours (or I might have been getting there without it, will never know!). I didn't know I could have refused my induction - my waters broke with no sign of labour and they said they'd book me for induction within 24 hours if no sign of starting labour, which is what happened, but I was ever so slightly dilated before they started the process and may well have got there myself, again, who knows.

Induction was not a bad experience but it did kickstart a whole host of other interventions which I think is fairly typical with inductions (I had an epidural because I found the pains far too intense, which is often the way with inductions, and baby was eventually delivered with ventouse). You might like to avoid this if you can.

DC2 was overdue and threatening to be a Christmas baby and so I just wanted things sped up if possible. The sweep was totally fine, I did not find it painful (but I don't find smear tests uncomfortable either). Midwife had a good old rummage around (is what it felt like!) and that was that. I had cramps within 12 hours and a baby soon after.

Your dates might not be accurate and baby might not be overcooked. In France they don't view you as overdue until 41 weeks... maybe see how you feel over the next couple of days and just don't ever feel pressured into intervention.

As to what you can be doing now (god I'm writing an essay!) yes please do try to enjoy it if you can, presuming you've got your bag all ready and freezer is stocked? Sleep or rest, meet friends, have a nice evening meal out if you're up for it (curry anyone??). I would advise to make plans anyway. I missed so many things waiting around for DC2, I should have just gone along. Congrats and good luck! flowers

eckythumpenallthat Fri 27-Jan-17 14:10:40

You don't have to do anything don't want to. I was badgered and badgered with induction. But I read around at the evidence and declined. Dd arrived when she was ready. Even if it was 17 days late

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Fri 27-Jan-17 14:36:23

Sorry to be the voice of doom, but if you can avoid it I would seriously advise against the induction. Mine was v v v unpleasant and the starting point of everything else unpleasant that came afterwards. I BEGGED for my induction in tears so am well aware it might seem an attractive option ten days from now... but that would be my advice xx

user1465146157 Fri 27-Jan-17 15:08:11

thank you everyone for your comments - really helpful!! xxx

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