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After a cervical stitch?

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prasessa Sun 25-Feb-07 15:54:56

Hi everyone,

After my cervix shortened seriously and the funelling got worse i the last 2 weeks I had a stitch put in at 16 week 3 days. The only thing the midwife told me before I was dismissed from the hospital was to "take it easy for now". Can anybody tell me more about things I should and things I shouldn't do? Would bedrest help? I don't understand why doctors go for a stitch OR bed rest, and then say results are not satisfying after neither? Why don't they go for BOTH? Also, is it normal to feel some presure and weigth after a cerclage? It feels like a period discomfort. Advise please!

slinkstar Mon 26-Feb-07 11:47:57

I had a stitch and because there isn't enough research into them alot of drs don't know whether its better or not- its hard to test as not many people are willing to have a short cervix or funnelling and not have a stitch. I was going to be part of the research until they put me into the control group which was the group with no treatment. luckily i refused as by 23 weeks i had little cervix left and an emergency stitch was put in.
drs said to take it easy but not bedrest, i did what i thought was best and bedrested until 27/28 weeks, i was positive the baby would come early and so was the drs but i actually went to term!!!
i think the reason drs don't go for bedrest is because of the risk of a blood clot, although if you were anywhere else but the uk your dr would put you on bedrest. pressure and weight is a sign that your cervix is under strain - personally i would def go on partial bedrest until 28 weeks which is 95%+ survival rate.
hth if you have any other questions feel free to ask

Ladymuck Mon 26-Feb-07 11:51:40

My consultant didn't go as far as bedrest but I had some bleeding a week later and my GP signed me off until 28 weeks. It is normal in my experience to have soem discomfort (I've had 2 pgs with stitch, but this passes).

slinkstar Mon 26-Feb-07 15:46:16

i think it depends if you have the stitch as an emergency or not. I think if you have the stitch before you start funneling then the risk is lower.

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