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Nct courses - intensive

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user1482938661 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:43:25

Hi all just a quick query about the NCT signature course structure. In my local area (Herts) they only seem to offer the course over one week but a lot of mum friends in other areas had theirs spread over six weeks or so. As far as I can tell it's similar content but just wondered if anyone had experience of the "intensive" course, not sure if it's a pro or a con! Thanks

hopsalong Tue 24-Jan-17 23:16:18

I did the intensive course and I hated it! Just found it really boring and stressful to be in one room (in relative discomfort of late pregnancy) for so many hours talking about the same pregnancy/ labour related things for two days in a row (mine was a weekend-only course). Also not enough time for me (relatively shy) to figure out how to bond with any of the other couples -- I would much have preferred a slower, more regular pace. I did meet up a few times with other mothers after the babies arrived but it felt quite forced, not organic at all.

riddles26 Wed 25-Jan-17 09:28:25

I did the one that was spread out and it is probably much better that way. Most people go to NCT to meet other couples and I can't imagine getting the same kind of friendships with the shorter course. I didn't consider information overload but as hopsalong said, it probably would be too much information to take in a short period of time.

For comparison, I meet my NCT group at least once each week and we do lots of classes and activities together too. Of course, there is a large element of luck involved with who is in your group and we are very lucky that we are all from similar backgrounds and get on so well but it took until the 3rd/4th class for us to form that bond.

Snifftest Wed 25-Jan-17 10:33:57

IMO, the intensive course isn't worth it. The big thing with NCT is making friends and its easier to do that over a few weeks.

user1482938661 Wed 25-Jan-17 10:54:59

Thanks all. Problem is I don't think I have much option as that's all they offer round here and don't want to have to go to another area for the course :-(

MrsJW15 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:37:09

We are doing the course that's all in one weekend, plus a follow up session on breast-feeding. It's the only option around us too, so not much choice! I'm hoping that everyone is keen to make friends and that we just manage it over a weekend.

user1482938661 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:54:41

That's my thoughts! I'm pretty good at chatting to people so fingers crossed I can make some friends in the short amount of time 😊

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 25-Jan-17 15:04:24

I did the spread out one too, but the class instructor took our contact details and emailed us all which started our group communication. Knowing all the participants probably want this, they'll probably do this for you guys.
Offer to set up a fb/whatsapp group and you'll all soon be meeting up.
Good luck.

Gurraun Thu 26-Jan-17 07:46:24

Don't despair. I did an intensive course and whilst the content was dull (but no one does it for course content) we all met up after and in early days it was a great support network.
7 years in we all still meet up occasionally, 3 of us regularly and 1 is one of my BFF.

Bear2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 09:41:22

If that's all that's available I would still go. Just be proactive about taking everyone's details and arrange a meet-up soon after the course finishes to keep the momentum going. Starting off a Whatsapp/closed Facebook group is also really good for arranging to go for coffees/walks etc and for everyone to update on what is going on. 3 years later and my NCT group are my greatest support network and some of my best friends.

Jeneral Thu 26-Jan-17 11:21:30

Hi, just wondering whereabouts in Herts you are? I am also in Herts and did the course over several weeks (that was two years ago). I heard about a friend of a friend who decided to do hers at a branch in another part of the county, so it maybe possible for you to do that - although I guess it depends on how much you are doing it to meet people and how likely you will be to travel to that town after the baby arrives. Just a thought!

Jeneral Thu 26-Jan-17 11:24:49

Sorry, just realised you said you'd prefer not to go to another area so totally unhelpful!

zambean Thu 26-Jan-17 11:34:20

I'm doing an intensive course which is one day next weekend and another day the following weekend. It's definitely not ideal from the point of view of making friends, but since that is all that's offered round here, I've not got much choice. I could do one further afield, but then the friends I would make would live further away, which kind of defeats the point.

Who knows, maybe it won't work out, but i figure it's worth a try.

everdene Thu 26-Jan-17 13:12:45

Can you ask the NCT if they'd consider putting on week-to-week one?

Surely they would consider it if enough people asked in your area? You only need a handful of other people to ask for them to have enough to put a class on.

Sugarcoma Thu 26-Jan-17 13:40:19

Glad to hear a few positive stories about the intensive course - it was the only one offered in my area too and it did cross my mind that it might mean not as much bonding with other mums as on a more spread out course.

Sugarcoma Thu 26-Jan-17 13:40:54

(I don't have mine till next month)

user1482938661 Thu 26-Jan-17 14:00:49

This is all really helpful! I'm in ware, Herts but would have happily gone to Hertford too but they just don't have the non intensive option for my due date in either town. I've emailed to double check so we'll see. I agree that it seems to defeat the object if I go further afield, I want friends nearby! But I'm feeling more positive about the intensive option now, I think I'll just have to get stuck in and be the one to organise a meet up etc outside of the class!

PostTruthEra Thu 26-Jan-17 14:24:01

Ours was two Saturdays and one Wednesday evening. We had to do that as there was no way DH and I could commit to anything weekly.

Made a fab group of friends. All of us chat daily on a whatsapp group, meet most weeks, some meet more often. Big age range and a variety of backgrounds, but they really are all lovely.

I did have to awkwardly ask everyone for their contact details for whatsapp after the second weekend session as it seemed that everyone was just going to leave, but it's worked out really well. Make sure you set up a group chat by whatsapp/Facebook/hangouts or whatever and everyone meet for coffee before the babies arrive. Remember most people do NCT classes to make friends so don't be too embarrassed to be a bit forward about it. smile

GreedyDuck Thu 26-Jan-17 14:34:18

I found that although we chatted briefly each week before the class started, no-one was really up for socialising whilst we were on the six week course (not helped by the fact that it was late autumn, so cold, we all worked f/t, and we were all pretty close to having our babies by that point). It feels a bit weird at first, and difficult to predict who'll you'll have the most in common with, but that soon changes once the babies arrive.

Just make sure someone sorts out a WhatsApp group. Ours saw a lot of chatting in last couple of weeks up to the births and two years later we are still going strong.

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