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Hanban16 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:34:29

We have unfortunately had 4 miscarriages and a ectopic pregnancy in November. We recently found out we are expecting again and I am petrified. Has anybody else been in this situation and had a happy ending?

Thanks x

Pointlesscrap Tue 24-Jan-17 23:15:47

Hi Hanban I'm sorry to hear about all your miscarriages and ectopic flowers

I've had a miscarriage and a stillborn at 34weeks. I've had 2 full term pregnancies since then and am now 34 weeks pregnant. It hasn't been easy but I never lost hope. 3 boys later and a little girl on the way I couldn't be happier. Don't reminisce on the past try and stay positive for the new life growing inside of you 💞

Hanban16 Wed 25-Jan-17 10:32:05

Thank you. I really appreciate it. I just wish I could enjoy the pregnancy without the constant fear! I'm sure it will become easier xxx

jld128 Wed 25-Jan-17 11:40:56

hi i am so sorry for your losses
not quite on the same scale as you but i had a missed miscarriage in june and i am now 16+1 had 4 scans and all has been perfect but i am terrified daily i am just waiting for something bad to happen and i'm really not enjoying being pregnant although i am trying my hardest to relax and enjoy so i really feel your pain

Sparklyuggs Wed 25-Jan-17 12:38:54

I had a friend who had five miscarriages after her first, then had a little boy. Fingers crossed for you.

Helbelle75 Wed 25-Jan-17 12:48:03

Sorry to hear of your losses.
I had a MMC in May 2016 and am now 29 weeks pregnant. I have been anxious throughout, I think it's normal, but all indications are good.
I have everything crossed for a healthy pregnancy for you.

Hanban16 Wed 25-Jan-17 16:59:42

Wow thank you so much for the support ladies. It really does mean a lot. I think I was just looking for a little reassurance! star x

m33r Wed 25-Jan-17 18:10:42

I've had three MCs and have my 12 week scan on Monday. I have had early scans at 7 and 10 weeks and all seems to be well but I am still so nervous. Hang in there flowers

Hanban16 Thu 02-Feb-17 13:18:46

Hi ladies, we had a early scan Tuesday and was only measuring 4-5 weeks. Trying to stay positive and pray to god my dates were just completely wrong sad can't help but feel like it's happening again! We have another scan in 2 weeks!

Pandabear123 Thu 02-Feb-17 16:45:56

Hoping it all works out for you x

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