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Confused with dates? Please help

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kellyb85 Tue 24-Jan-17 12:01:57

Hi guys had lmp on 11.12.16 but also had a slight bleed for 3 days on the 27th which only seemed to happen after sex anyway on the 9.1.17 I was due on again but it didn't appear, I did pregnancy test and it was negative anyway over the next 7 days I carried out quite a few tests mostly in the morning with fmu but sometimes in the afternoon and they all came back negative until I was 8 days late and I got a extremely faint bfp so I tested every day for the next few days and they were always positive and only just getting slightly darker until the past 2 days and bam there it is 2 really strong positive 😁😁 I also did a clearblue digital 4 days ago and it came up pregnant 2-3 which I thought was correct going by my first December bleed but the next day it came up pregnant 1-2 which got me panicking quite a bit as last year I had 2 miscarriages so I went back to my cheapy tests doing them daily since Friday and they have qot stronger each day not fainter and today big lines are so dark so my hcg levels are definitely rising

My question is do you think I am over 6 weeks by first bleed or literally just 4 weeks today from my last December bleed? If the latter then I got my bfp at just 6dpo which I'm sure is far to early
I also have cramps feeling but my uterus feels really full (I'm very aware it's there if that makes sense!) also last 2 weeks been really tired and moody!!

I went to Drs today and he has wrote a letter to epu so I suppose I'll have to wait a while for them to get back to me. Dr didn't mention anything about bloods, I literally just spoke to him no tests or even a confirmation test xxx

MouseLove Tue 24-Jan-17 14:09:58

Go from LMP but your conception date will most likely be around 2 weeks after that. Meaning baby could be smaller than you're expecting. I would think you are only a few weeks from conception. The bleed you had could have been implantation.

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