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Pains 26 weeks

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harleysmammy Mon 23-Jan-17 23:39:32

Hi, im 26 weeks and have been feeling niggling pains throughout the day. They feel like pains on the outside if that makes sense, like i could be wrong but it doesnt feel like its on the inside? They arent painful as such, just annoying and just enough to know that they are there when im sitting on the sofa. I was watching tv and could feel these pains so i shifted onto my side abit and they didnt go but i sat straight up and they seemed to go, and when i walked up to bed and now im in bed, they arent there. They havent been constantly throughout the day, just coming and going. Im not worried as such, because he's been moving at the times he normally moves, they dont hurt and they dont feel like they are inside my belly pains (could be wrong, im a ftm and i dont really know anything about pains). Im thinking maybe stretching pains? Like i said they dont hurt, just annoying and i just know they are there. Just wanted to know if its stretching pains like i think it could be? Sorry for rambling and repeating myself haha x

gamerchick Mon 23-Jan-17 23:48:57

Round ligament pain?

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