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Pelvic floor....

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MoonlightMojitos Mon 23-Jan-17 18:46:46

Today I sneezed and a bit of wee came out. Pretty horrified seeing as I'm only 22 weeks and have been doing pelvic floor exercises since I got a BFP. I know that can happen after you've actually squeezed the baby out but had no idea it could happen before that's even happened. Is this normal? I'm guessing I need to up the exercises....?

NewMum17 Mon 23-Jan-17 22:04:59

Oh yes it is definitely normal when pregnant so don't worry. Has happened to me a few times too. Even when I laughed once I had that problem.😳 Though I have to admit I haven't been doing my pelvic floor exercises regularly and did think that it would have helped if you have. Keep going with them though. Will help to strengthen those muscles.

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