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3rd pregnancy - worried :(

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29greenbottles Mon 23-Jan-17 12:06:25

Just looking for some advice/ reassurance ....just found out I am pregnant with 3rd child.....unplanned. A few months ago, I would have been pleased but have kind of settled into (mostly my hubbys thinking) that life is just getting back on track with our 2 lovely girls (3 and 5) I'm scared, worried about the impact on our family and don't know what to do or who to turn to. I am also over 40 now and feel that the baby times might be over for us as a family. Anyone else been in a similar situation that I can talk to? Xx

29greenbottles Mon 23-Jan-17 14:26:53

Anyone?! Not sure where to go for support to think about it all sad x

MrsBobDylan Mon 23-Jan-17 15:55:59

My 3rd arrived when I was over 40 and I'm looking to conceive a fourth so it can't have been all that badgrin.

Forget about your age and concentrate on what another baby means for you guys as a family. It's hard to offer advice when I'm not sure what you feel your choices are iyswim.

There is a great board 'pregnancy choices' in body and soul, otherwise I think it's a case of talking with your dh or a friend and trying to work out how you feel.

whirliebird Mon 23-Jan-17 16:13:13

I'm pregnant with my 4th baby who was unplanned and a massive shock!!! I still have to pinch myself and I'm due in 9wks! I am 40 and have felt for ages it's too old...but, the fact it happened so easily and quickly must mean I'm good to go with another one so I've slowly come to terms with it and I'm now starting to look forward to starting over again. My other children are 12, 10 and 6. I really did struggle in the beginning but now it's very exciting and this pregnancy has been the easiest yet! X

whirliebird Mon 23-Jan-17 16:16:25

I will say as well that I'd not long started working again and was in a job I loved so that was another issue for me. Like you, I felt my life was getting back on track with the kids all a bit more independent. I'll now be nearly 45 before I can think about going back to work again! But I really do feel blessed to be given the chance to have another child...even if it wasn't in my grand master plan of life, ha ha! X

whirliebird Mon 23-Jan-17 16:19:48

I had a miscarriage 3yrs ago and definitely didn't want any more children as the miscarriage was the hardest thing I've ever had to cope with. I was so scared when I found out about this pregnancy I even considered abortion!.. but you really do get used to the idea and now I couldn't be happier x

Grace1980 Tue 24-Jan-17 10:37:23

I'm due my third in a few weeks. I also have a 3 and 5 year old. I totally understand your anxieties. I've not quite reached 40, but am approaching it and I do feel more tired this time. Although baby was kind of planned, my hubby was way keener than me for a third. We conceived very quickly, so it was still quite a shock and I do question the decision sometimes. BUT when I think about this new person coming, how incredibly individual and amazing both my children are, I know that I made the right decision. I'm not relishing the prospect of broken sleep and juggling 3 little ones, but being one of 3 myself I know how fun the dynamic is within a family. You'll be ok! Xx

29greenbottles Wed 25-Jan-17 10:30:01

Thanks for your replies. I am truly terrified. Work is just getting on track and life seemed to be settling down after a few years of craziness. It makes it harder that DH is not keen so I don't feel like I can talk to him about it xx

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