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Baby Movements Low Down

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Laura05 Mon 23-Jan-17 09:40:02

Hi ladies, I'm currently 32+6 and since yesterday all baby movements have been in line/below my belly button. Is this normal?
I'm used to a boot in the ribs or a yoga stretch involving him trying to push his foot out my side but I'm getting none of that now. It's just a swooshing/wriggling feeling with a few odd kicks really low down.
Do you think it's because he's shifted down (I'm getting really bad pelvic/ligament pain as well as period type cramping) or is he maybe lying feet down?
By this stage with DD and DS I was struggling to remove their backsides from under my ribs but this wee man has never wedged himself up there.
I have a growth scan this afternoon so will speak to the midwife but it's been playing on my mind since last night.
My DD was 5lbs12oz at birth (4days late) so I don't think it's because he's small like she was as she was bum under ribs.
Any ideas, suggestions, similar experiences etc would be appreciated xx

harleysmammy Mon 23-Jan-17 14:01:06

Im not as far as you, im 26 weeks and last friday i went in for reduced movements. Normally i put my hand on my stomach and get kicked and punched, i always record my belly moving and always see my tops move around when im out and about. On the thursday at lunch time he was doing just that, i could see him rolling around through my top. Then nothing until friday lunch time when i went to the hospital, his heartbeat was perfect and they said everything was fine. I had really really low flutters that wasnt normal at all which is why i panicked and no cold water or sugar was helping. He carried on being really low until yesterday morning when me and my dad went out on a road trip, in the car he was up by ribs and kicking and punching my hand again. Im sure he has run out of room already as hes growing bigger than dates and rather than all kicks, he rolls around a lot with SOME kicks. Last night he was rolling around really low again and some kicks again, really low. This morning he has being moving high and low so i really just think as long as you're feeling some movement it doesnt matter where. Im not used to the low rolling which is why i panicked and went into hospital but since then ive realized any movement is good. I wouldnt worry, i think it must be normal x

RedCrab Mon 23-Jan-17 15:29:15

I'm almost 31 weeks and have frequently been feeling kicks or punches way down low in what feels like my cervix. Sometimes unnervingly it feels like they're in my vagina! She was breech from 20 weeks until at least 30 weeks but she's not now. Still feeling the lower down movement but less so now.

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