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Decreased movement and soft belly at 28 weeks.

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InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 22-Jan-17 21:00:32

OK so Friday I was busy and didn't feel baby moving much, once I put other dc to bed I lay down waiting for movement. Tried all the usual things then had two big kicks. Kept an eye on movements yesterday and had maybe 5/6 movements all day. Same again today. Also my belly has gone really soft at the top. I know everyone will say phone midwife but I feel like I'm being daft as I am still getting movements but just not as strong / frequently. I'm 28 weeks today. Maybe just looking for people who had similar, I have Google and it seems like babies do go quiet at around this time of pregnancy due to growth spurt/lack of room. X

Tracker4 Sun 22-Jan-17 21:04:59

Phone your midwife. I had decreased movements at around 30 weeks I was sent to the hospital as they monitored, baby was absolutely fine so I felt like I'd wasted their time but they said they would always want people to go in to be checked if there was even the slightest Cause for concern. Call them now and chat to them I promise you won't regret it and you'll get peace of mind.

notapizzaeater Sun 22-Jan-17 21:08:33

Phone the midwife - bett safe than sorry

WellErrr Sun 22-Jan-17 21:10:40

More than likely anterior placenta. Google it.

But do DO phone your midwife. They won't mind.

EdenX Sun 22-Jan-17 21:12:14

Why would you risk your baby just for the sake of feeling daft? Call your midwife now, don't mess about.

Alb1 Sun 22-Jan-17 21:13:13

Phone the midwife. I had the same a little later on, it was a change rather than a decrease if you see what I mean, but unfortunately in my case it was due to by baby being very ill despite a seemingly normal easy pregnancy. My case was very rare so I'm not trying to scare anyone, but it is always always worth getting checked, feeling stupid is no price to pay, and the midwifes honestly don't mind, they see it all day every day and would rather you got checked too smile

InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 22-Jan-17 21:20:33

Yes I had an anterior placenta with Dd1 and also had decreased (no movement at all). Was thinking it's probably the case. With Dd I went and got checked as no movement at all but this time I am still feeling some just not the same so thought they might think I was being stupid, considering its my fourth child. X

ImYourMama Sun 22-Jan-17 21:21:21

Please go and get checked, is it worth the risk?

gincamelbak Sun 22-Jan-17 21:24:13

Phone the midwife. Now.
Have a cold cold drink and eat something sugary. But call the midwife and tell them it has been a few days of reduced movements.

It is not important how many children you already have. You are not being stupid. Phone your midwife.

mrsknackered Sun 22-Jan-17 21:28:35

DS2 first started his episodes of reduced movement at 28 weeks. He had an anterior placenta that he was using as a bean bag.
Get monitored though. I was induced at 39 weeks as picking up his movements were so difficult and even on the scans he would move very little.
He was born absolutely perfect however!

MollyHuaCha Sun 22-Jan-17 21:30:18

Good advice from PPs. Have you phoned? Take care. Hope all is well smile

Quarksoundslikequack Sun 22-Jan-17 21:34:17

Hey OP,

I had reduced movements however the midwife wasn't concerned in the slightest & told me that they'd only worry should movements stop.

As I had 1 kick from him in 24 hours, they said it was fine confused

MTMFH Sun 22-Jan-17 21:35:03

Any change in movements is worth ringing. It's better to be checked to reassure you all is well.

Alb1 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:04:57

quark your midwife gave you incorrect, terrible advice. Any reductions or changes should be reported, particularly after 28 weeks

annlee3817 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:14:01

Count the kicks did a fb post this week about less room equalling less movement being a total myth. Any change in movement should be checked out, the midwives would rather check you over a hundred times and it be nothing than refuse and there be an issue. Not daft at all

harleysmammy Mon 23-Jan-17 17:31:38

I went in friday for reduced movement, im 26 weeks (was 25) but had low flutters and that wasnt normal for my baby. Since about 21 weeks hes been kicking punching and rolling around, and the past 3 weeks ish he's had a pattern give or take an hour or so. I just had slight rolling flutters low down and was worried so went in to get checked, i was a bit funny about telling my family and the doctors that i needed to go in incase i was wasting their time but when they found nothing was wrong and his heartbeat was perfect, i realized i didnt care. I wouldnt wanna risk my son just for the sake of looking silly. I have an anterior placenta but its never really affected movement, hes always been strong. Call your midwife, its best to be safe x

drinkyourmilk Mon 23-Jan-17 18:01:24

I went in at 27 weeks for reduced movement. Everything was absolutely fine- but the relief I felt was unreal!
The midwives on the unit told me to come in and never hesitate.
They would rather I was in every day rather than miss something important.

Blackfellpony Mon 23-Jan-17 18:05:24

I would get checked. My stomach went soft too and it turned out my waters were leaking hence being slightly deflated.

OurMiracle1106 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:08:18

Please please go get it checked out. It's much better to feel like you've wasted some time than to live with regret if something isn't right.

Hope everything is ok flowers

InsaneMummyOfThree Mon 23-Jan-17 21:31:31

Hi all, thank you so much for your comments and advice. Phoned the midwife and she said because I was still getting some flutters and movements that she wasn't overly concerned but if I felt I needed to go in then they would be happy to see me. Ended up going to a local hospital and just monitored for abit. All came back OK but they said if movements stayed slow and I was still concerned to go back in. Dont know if it's the relief of knowing all was OK but today baby has been none stop kicking, rolling and punching. All still low down but more frequent. So glad I went and got checked. Xx

MollyHuaCha Mon 23-Jan-17 22:05:17

Glad you went. So lovely to have peace of mind.

Celticlassie Mon 23-Jan-17 22:37:14

I hate it when the kicks are low down because I find it really hard to pinpoint whether they are kicks, or whether it's wind or similar. I wish the baby would stay high up!

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