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Oh bummer! Please come and guess the due date. Am I going to have to cancel the trip of a lifetime?

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WriggleJiggle Sat 24-Feb-07 18:40:32

Oh boo boo boo boo boo! Just 'weed on a stick', as dh calls it, and got a positive. How long does it take to get the dating scan done? We have planned and bought tickets for the trip of a lifetime mid July to mid August and now I think we might have to cancel.

How soon do you start feeling grotty, exhausted and fat? Please tell me I'm not between 3 and 5 months pregnant. Please tell me it might just be 1 or 2 months ...

lissielou Sat 24-Feb-07 18:44:09

when was your last period? try this

Olihan Sat 24-Feb-07 18:45:17

When was your last period? Any guesses as to when you did the deed? Grotty, exhausted and fat starts any time from about 6 weeks I think. If you don't know when your last period was then you'll probably get a dating scan pretty quickly.

Congratulations btw!

fortyplus Sat 24-Feb-07 18:46:03

I think you can fly up till 36 weeks?

Don't you know the date of your last period? You just count 40 weeks from the first day.

MrsBadger Sat 24-Feb-07 18:47:12

... but if you're lucky gritty and exhausted wears off round about 3months then you feel on top of the world and glowing

fortyplus Sat 24-Feb-07 18:47:18

You'll be exhausted at first, but that gets a lot better once you get past 12 weeks. Then you get tired again as you get bigger.

fortyplus Sat 24-Feb-07 18:47:38

Mrs B - XP!

WriggleJiggle Sat 24-Feb-07 18:53:38

Haven't had a period since pre dd - 19 months! And there are quite a few possibilities as to the wicked deed . dh and I are really pleased about it because we have been ttc. I was just a little stupid in not working out the dates first.

WriggleJiggle Sat 24-Feb-07 18:55:33

If things improve at 3 months it sounds like I'm not that far yet. Arrggggh, I've only just passed on all the baby books and clothes to a friend.

CanSleepWontStarve Sat 24-Feb-07 18:58:08

at you being pregnant again. They will be lovely and close in age. Congratulations.

WriggleJiggle Sat 24-Feb-07 19:01:24

Thanks. Am secretly with excitement! Just feel abit stupid if we have to cancel our holiday as we're going with others. Still, definately worth it.

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