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Bfp taking long time to appear

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kellyb85 Sun 22-Jan-17 16:53:06

Hi guys I have become obsessed with pos!!
Quick history I have a 5 year old she took 3 years to conceive I have not used protection with my partner since she was born and only the past 6 months managed to get pregnant 3 times sadly I have had 2 miscarriages and found out the other day I am pregnant again BUT. My last period was 11yh December but had a strange 3 day bleed on the 27th December so going by my lmp I should be just 6 weeks but going by the other date I would only be 3weeks 5 days?
So anyway I did test last Sunday = negative
Another test Tuesday = extremely faint positive but appeared approx 10 mins later
Wednesday did different test but darker but still barely there Thursday same barely there an d taking a real long time
Friday did clearblue digi took 3 mins to show positive then another 3 mins to show 2-3 weeks
Did the other clearblue on Saturday and it took 3 mins and came up positive 1-2 weeks
I then started panicking as I don't want to loose this baby aswell so did another pos cheapy I used all last week and line is getting stronger slightly by it is still taking over 10 minutes to be really there 😩 It's definitely not a evap line it's coloured so I'm starting to think am I going from the 27th bleed so I'm still bit early to be testing I'll attach photos
Has anyone else had bfp taking ages to appear and carried full term? Top photos are from today and yesterday middle photo is Wednesday last week and bottom photo is Thursday as you can see they aren't getting darker very qiickly

Kelsey28 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:17:32

They look really dark to me? Could it be you are overthinking because of past experiences? Sorry for your losses flowers

kellyb85 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:45:03

Hi thanks for the reply, yeah hopefully I am over thinking things 😔 I will be a wreck by the end of it!! It just really worried me that he clearblue went from saying 2-3 to 1-2 but I read somewhere if your borderline weeks then it takes a long time to read result so maybe it was inaccurate
Hopefully my levels aren't dropping. I need to make appointment with my dr asap as I'm high risk so he will want to see me straight away
Thank you for the boost has made me feel bit better - think I need to step away from the strips!!! Xx

mistletoeprickles Mon 23-Jan-17 08:09:22

They are brilliant BFP'S as pp said you could be over analysing things because of your history.
I have a similar history so once I got a clear BFP I didn't use anther pregnancy test because I would worry about lines not being dark enough etc. I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant.
Put the sticks away and see a doctor.

1000hobnobs Mon 23-Jan-17 08:18:24

They are definitely positive. Usually on these threads they are true squinters and I can't see the invisible line everyone else insists is there. I can see those lines.

So, congratulations and good luck flowers

MouseLove Mon 23-Jan-17 08:19:17

Congratulations that's a BFP. First off. Ignore the digital. I ONLY got 2-3 weeks on mine for 3 weeks and had a scan on saturday and baby is 5-6 weeks. I got a 2-3 weeks when I was only very early! And got a 2-3 weeks when I was clearly 6 weeks. They only make you worry.

I would say you are very early so would go from the later LMP. Get yourself a dating scan if you can. Your GP should be able to advise. X

jinglebellmel Mon 23-Jan-17 20:21:19

After 2 miscarriages I fell into the trap of testing every day and nearly drove myself mad! Are those Internet cheapies? If so they took weeks to get really dark for me (and they have a threshold, they only seem to get so dark incase you keep testing for weeks and panic like I did that they aren't getting any darker!). They take a good 5 mins or so to show much in the first week or so too, so yours look pretty good to me.

With the clear blue digital - did you test at the same time of day and after drinking around the same/holding your wee for the same amount of time? The weeks part is only accurate if you do it with fmu, your urine is just too variable otherwise.

I can totally understand why you are driving yourself a bit crazy over this. Best thing would be to wait a few days a retest with the clear blue but if you can't wait I'd either try another clear blue digital, making sure you do it at the same time/same urine hold etc as the first one or better still ask your gp if they will do bloods. Good luck, I hope this one works out for you.

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