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Shooting during pregnancy

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Harvestwidow Sun 22-Jan-17 15:14:28

I know this will be controversial for MN but I just wanted to hear some thoughts from like minded mums, I shoot a 20 bore, we have a clay trap at home, I shoot the rabbits/vermin on the farm and do a few days driven shooting per season, was just wondering if anyone gave up shooting while pregnant if they'd been told to or anything, I asked my midwife but got a very vague yes/no answer on whether or not I was ok to continue and for how long, any thoughts appreciated.

fourcorneredcircle Sun 22-Jan-17 16:39:40

Ok, so different reasons but I shoot too - albeit as part of the cadet forces.

I haven't shot as I've been too sick with Hyperemesis and I'm not sure I could now (we target shoot lying down). Before I got sick I asked around for advice and looked a lot online (I was due to do a week long shooting camp).

Basically it said if you're uncomfortable, stop. Not just lying down but shooting position generally, also, be aware that depending on rifle recoil you may find it harder to cope (relaxin effect on ligaments can mean it hurts more, or feels awkward). Also, centre of gravity moves and adjusting your position to compensate can make for an awkward position which can lead to sprains and strains.

Be aware that you wear ear defenders for a reason (not something as many farmers do.. but then you aren't normally shooting 20 rounds rapidly from a semi automatic!). Obviously, baby doesn't get that protection. No one has researched shooting specifically but there are studies that show mothers that work in a noisy environment can have
babies born with hearing loss.

As for the lead etc. in rounds/cartridges and gunpowder etc. Basic hygiene, wash hands well after handling rounds/empty cases. Or even wear latex gloves. Consider a face mask if in an area with lots of smoke build up, or even better, try to avoid that situation.

I'd decided I would do the shooting (would have only been about 9 weeks) but would stop if I was uncomfortable etc. and take precautions to avoid excessive exposure to lead. It's probably a common sense approach, like many sports in pregnancy, if it hurts, stop!

This is an old forum but it has links to research.

Elliee2402 Mon 23-Jan-17 13:24:40

Fellow shooter of a 20 bore here too! 😊
I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant & my auntie had booked a clay pigeon shooting day for her birthday last weekend & there was no way I was going to miss it! I just decided I'd do as much as I felt comfortable with, i did have to sit down between each stand because baby is loooooow 🙈 But other than that I just carried on as normal!
I think if its regular for you to keep doing it as long as you want / are comfortable with!
In regards to baby hearing the shots ect, I just thought whilst they are inside your tummy the sound of your heartbeat is crazy loud so it shouldn't really effect them?
Think it's entirely down to your own decision really! X

Harvestwidow Mon 23-Jan-17 17:14:45

Thank you both for your replies I think I'm just going to continue as normal for as long as I can maybe ease off a bit towards the end

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