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Early labour signs and elective c-section.

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sphinxster Sun 22-Jan-17 12:51:28

I'm 36 weeks. I've been getting pre-labour signs and symptoms for 1-2 weeks and they are increasing: increased brown coloured discharge, cramps, back ache. I know this can go on for weeks before proper labour happens.

I have an elective section booked at 39 weeks due to previous EMCS. The baby is currently breech.

At what point do you attend hospital if you don't reach the planned section date? Do you go when you're in proper labour or sooner (because the signs and symptoms of pre-labour can last for weeks)? It all seems a bit urgent if you wait until proper labour but on the other hand, these symptoms can last until the planned date??

Does that make any sense? The ramblings of a mad woman!

My DS was prem and EMCS so I am feeling over anxious about this.

Scotmum83 Sun 22-Jan-17 15:46:17

I was told with my daughter who was also breach to phone the labour ward if I had any signs of labour. No harm giving your labour ward or your mw a ring for advice as there can be problems with the cord with breach babies in labour. They might want to monitor you.

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