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namechangedmummy23 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:29:23

I done a pregnancy test this week due to sore boobs and ttc for around 4 years, to my surprise it came up instantly with a strong positive line 
I have a child already, so I did fall pregnant once 

Here is my problem, I have an early scan tomorrow as with pcos I don't remember my last period also was getting pains for 2 evenings in a row...very bad pains low down, lasting around 5-10 minutes.

I have lost 3 stone last year so I am hoping that is why I have fallen pregnant, but my main worry is the pains and the very strong positive could be caused by ovarian cancer? Please any advice welcome...sorry for rambling, but I just can't believe it could be good news? Thanks in advance.

IckleWicklePumperNickle Sun 22-Jan-17 11:40:52

I had aches in the early stages. Hope all goes good tomorrow.

namechangedmummy23 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:44:15

Thank you smile
I just can't believe it!
After a rubbish few years to finally get something good happen!

The pains were so bad like contractions, but just for 2 evenings and that was that.

namechangedmummy23 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:10:28

Also if a false positive was caused by an ovarian cyst, would the line be faint, or like my test, very dark? Any experience from others to put my mind at rest till tomorrow grin

MouseLove Mon 23-Jan-17 08:32:46

Well here's something for the spanner. I'm pregnant AND have a cyst. Did you know they are completely normal? It's where the egg blasted out. 👍

Good luck for today!! Let us know how you get on. X

namechangedmummy23 Mon 23-Jan-17 17:50:30

Mouse, you are so right! On my scan paperwork it said corpus luteum: solid
Cue lots of googling when I get home and actually it's supposed to be a good thing?!

Well all went better than I expected...phew
They saw a sac, and the yolk and I have to return in two weeks to see how far gone I actually am.
I couldn't believe it when she said, "yep there is definitely a pregnancy in there" grin

MouseLove Mon 23-Jan-17 18:15:51

Awwww so happy for you. That's awesome news. Massive congratulations!!!! X

namechangedmummy23 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:36:48

Thank you so much xx

IckleWicklePumperNickle Mon 23-Jan-17 19:59:56

Brilliant news. Very pleased for you grin

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