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Buggies/car seats/slings/carriers - help!!

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Fizz190 Sun 22-Jan-17 10:59:47

Hi all,

I'm 23 weeks pregnant with our first and a first time poster on mumsnet!

I've been pretty chilled about it all so far but yesterday I had a massive FREAK OUT about everything we need to do in the next few months - including moving house - so I've decided I need to start making some decisions so I feel a bit more in control!

One thing I'm really struggling with is how we're going to get around once junior arrives. I'd love some advice please!

We live in London and so a lot of travel will be on public transport. My local tube station doesn't have a lift or an escalator. I don't drive and I have friends all over London so it's critical that I can get out and about. I also have slight agoraphobic tendencies when I'm not feeling 100% so I need to make sure I don't have any excuse to stay indoors all day everyday!

We'll be inheriting my sister's car once she gets a new one but we don't know when we'll get this. We'll probably only use it to drive to my mum's or for weekend outings, so we'll need a car seat but won't want to spend a fortune as it might only be used once or twice a month.

I've looked at slings and carriers so I don't have to face the terrifying prospect of getting a buggy up and down stairs on my own but is this practical? I've also looked at a million buggies but end up going round in circles and just get fed up!

I'm hoping someone out there has been in a similar situation and can recommend a solution that has worked for them?

In terms of budget we're willing to spend whatever we need to be practical and safe - but we're not the types to buy the snazziest most expensive stuff just because it looks good!!

Thanks in advance!
Fizz x

whoateallthejaffacakes Sun 22-Jan-17 11:12:03

look up local sling library, they will let you try out (can also rent to trial after bsby arrives) different styles of slings to find what works best for you, close caboo stretchy sling is great for the the early weeks & a light one hand fold pram is handy for transport. there are pages on here dedicated to baby products you can look for advice on too

RasperryInAMelon Sun 22-Jan-17 11:14:05

Head on over to the May 2017 Antenatal club here for chats around prams and car seats if you fancy joining us. A few of us are choosing ours at the moment and some have already got them ☺

Fizz190 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:21:00

Ah - somehow I've missed both the baby product page and the may 17 club!! Oops and thanks!

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Sun 22-Jan-17 11:27:23

Re slings -
I used a Moby stretchy wrap from day 1 exclusively until about 4m then started using a Baby Bjorn which can do front carries only, baby facing in or out.
Then after about 8m I got a Connecta carrier which you can carry on your front or back. This one had simple straps and buckles.
I also got a little life back carrier (like a rucksack) for longer walks on holidays etc
And a crap ring sling which I wish I hadn't bought. It was cotton not linen-y, so never 'broke in'
At 2y she still just about fits in the Connecta and loads of room in the little life.
I'd recommend a stretchy wrap, personally it was cosy, comfy, kept baby extremely close and I didn't have to take it off throughout the day, just pulled to side for BFing. Even managed to BF with her in the sling once, hands free. Brilliant.

I used a maxi cosi Pebble car seat which fixed on to our Uppababy pram. However this is quite heavy so not great if you haven't got a lift at your station.

Good luck!

kiki22 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:35:28

I have a Phil and ted sport for walking, a mamas and papas armadillo flip for shopping, a maxicosi car seat which goes on to the armadillo and use a sling library which I use for quick tips to the shops and park. I did have a £15 stretchy wrap for the new born days he hated it until 3 months and then got to big at 5. I'm using a Karaush baby carrier just now which I love and am thinking of buying.

It's a lot but I find it makes life easier to have all my bases covered. I got my car seat from a close friend and the Phil and ted second hand so didn't cost too much.

mimiholls Sun 22-Jan-17 20:20:10

Definitely a sling. Super easy to get around especially if you are a little nervous about getting out of the house. We used baby bjorn from day 1 and will last you a long time.

DappledThings Sun 22-Jan-17 22:35:18

Sling library is definitely a good idea to try it types that suit you. I try not to bang on about it too much when friends have them as I'm aware it makes me sound like a twat but please don't get a Bjorn. They are generally a bit shit with a weirdly low carrying position which is awful for your back and very lacking in support for your baby's hips.

Also live in London and I usually walk or get the bus. If taking the train (SE London so no tube) will usually sling it but when I have taken buggy people are usually very helpful. Including when the lifts broke down due to over heating at Clapham Junction in the summer and I had 3 offers on help up the stairs in seconds

welshweasel Sun 22-Jan-17 22:40:34

I'd get a stretchy wrap (£10 off Amazon) to start with as well as a lightweight buggy suitable from birth such as the bugaboo bee or babyzen yoyo. Cheap car seat for occasional use.

clarabellski Mon 23-Jan-17 11:20:14

given you say you'll not use the car that often, I don't think you'll get the benefit of a travel system (where you have pram/buggy/car seat combo)

My friend has YoYo zen and it looks great for city living. I have a big old travel system and ended up going out and buying a cheap stroller for grannies to use as they hate the travel system. Not convenient for city living (but we're semi-rural, so I love it).

I second the stretchy wrap. Got one free then went out and bought a second for the inevitable babysick emergency wash cycle! Literally kept it on all day like an extra t-shirt and it was great to get hands free. One thing I woudl recommend if you are thinking about using a sling/carrier is to start using it as soon as possible. Friends who tried it with their babies when they were a bit older didn't manage it, as the baby was not used to it and so screamed bloody murder.

Bear2014 Mon 23-Jan-17 11:49:05

Hi OP, I lived in Zone 2 when our DD was born and was out and about all the time with her. Try not to worry, it seems daunting but once you get to know your routes etc and adjust it is much easier than you fear. Also, people have always been super helpful with steps etc.

We have the Bugaboo Bee, but the Yoyo looks great too, and even lighter. You need a narrow, compact wheel base for transport and weaving through crowds, and a lightweight build.

When DD was tiny I used a Calin Bleu fabric wrap and from about 3/4 months a Connecta which is sturdy and easy to use. Slings are great but I only used them for short trips/walks or if I knew somewhere was totally inaccessible. DD was heavy and I couldn't carry all our clobber for very long without getting tired and hot.

Don't rule out travelling on the bus - out of rush hour they're not that packed and it's easy enough to get on and off them. Also, even if your local station has no step free access can you walk to one that does? Walking is your friend when on mat leave - it's good exercise and babies are usually at their most settled when in a moving buggy.

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