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oh bugger - i had salami at lunchtime and now feel sick - what are the chances of the two being related?

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Tutter Sat 24-Feb-07 17:05:27


Tutter Sat 24-Feb-07 17:12:32


zippitippitoes Sat 24-Feb-07 17:15:01

I dunno

salaami would be pretty sfae so chock full of salt and preservatives and dried etc

unless it's been hanging around the deli for years being handled with salmonella and botulis encrusted fingers with a light dosing of streptocoocal faeces

poor you

zippitippitoes Sat 24-Feb-07 17:21:57

just noticed this is in pregnancy

I don't think salaami should be especiaally risky

if you are terribly sick then the doc can give you an anti sickness injection dpending on the stage of pregnancy to make you more comfortable

ccpink Sun 25-Feb-07 19:35:56

midwife told me not to eat salami - probably bodys way of telling you this! Sorry. Hope you're feeling better

Aloha Sun 25-Feb-07 19:46:34

The worrying forms of food poisoning are toxoplasmosis and listeria, and neither of them cause vomiting (they cause flu-like symptoms), so don't worry.
Salami isn't recommended though - sadly.

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