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help with painfull boobs

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honey2theb Sat 24-Feb-07 16:23:36

Me again!

Im 12 weeks, and only today my boobs are killing me! I mean not sore, but bloody painful. Ive never had sore boobs before. is it normal to get them now? is there anything i can do about them!!

Moomin Sat 24-Feb-07 16:29:09

Mine were agony with my 1st pregnancy. I had to hold them in my hands when I took my bra off and I cried once when someone at work brushed past them!! It does get better though, in the majority of cases. It will just gradually get better - think mine were ok by the time I was about 14/15 weeks. Make sure you wear a good bar and that includes a bed-time sleep bra. It made a huge difference for me.

Moomin Sat 24-Feb-07 16:30:04

or alternatively you could wear a good bra

[ numpty!]

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