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Shooting pains at 13 weeks?

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MotherofKitties Sat 21-Jan-17 22:04:22

Hi all, first time pregnancy, just over 13 weeks, 12 week scan fine and I'm suddenly having sharp random shooting pains in my lower abdomen but no other problems; is this my uterus expanding/growing/normal?! As it's my first pregnancy I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who's experienced similar!

Uiscebeatha85 Sat 21-Jan-17 22:49:36

Google round ligament pain. I had it too, it's a bugger. Basically just your ligaments twanging so no need to worry about it. Be careful standing up and going from lying to sitting/standing - slowly and carefully and it should help

MotherofKitties Sun 22-Jan-17 03:19:13

Just googled it as you suggested and that seems to match what I'm experiencing exactly; thank you! As it's my first time I'm worrying over every little twang and pain and wondering what's that?! So thank you smile

mm81 Sun 22-Jan-17 03:25:11

Yes def expansion of hips/joints etc
I had the same and still do at 14+1.
I drive a lot and getting out of car is sometimes difficult or even just getting up/standing up ... and I do forget and when it happens it's like ouch oh s%^t!!!
Congrats on your baby x

flumpybear Sun 22-Jan-17 03:47:42

Yep, ligament pains - watch out for the stabbing pains too straight upwards, ouchy!!! Congratulations!!

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Sun 22-Jan-17 04:38:35

Totally normal and expected at this stage of pregnancy. Everything is growing and stretching. smile

MotherofKitties Sun 22-Jan-17 09:36:11

Ahh good, everyone's comments have made me feel much more relaxed about it now!

Thank you everyone ! smile

jld128 Sun 22-Jan-17 19:32:33

i'm just on 15weeks first time and exactly the same as you every ache and pain terrifies me i coughed before and got a shooting pain it took all my will not to go the hospital haha! going to be a long 25 or so week!

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