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Sheets/blankets for carry cot?

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NewMum26 Sat 21-Jan-17 19:43:22

What should I buy for baby to lay on when he's in the carrycot of the pram? Any suggestions on where to get sheets or what to use greatly appreciated x

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 21-Jan-17 19:46:56

My friend used a lambskin, and when baby got bigger it could be used as a seat liner in the buggy

Artandco Sat 21-Jan-17 19:49:06

I used a sheepskin also. 'Gabe and grace' sell lovely ones. Used as liner in pram later, and at rug on floor when out at friends etc to lay on. Add thin blanket or muslin over sheepskin near head if pukey baby

pioneergirl Sat 21-Jan-17 19:53:30

At first I used sheets and blankets and made it like a bed. Then I realised it was a bit weird to be push a baby along while 'in bed'. So I switched to lambs fleece on the base and then layers of blankets on top. Wool blankets in winter and cotton blankets in summer. I dressed my son in outdoor clothes i.e. coat, hat etc so he was properly warm. There IS a danger I overthought the entire thing though. I was like a bloody Victorian nanny.

adagio Sat 21-Jan-17 20:01:30

I actually tended to use a normal pillowcase on the Moses/carrycot mattress, but also got supermarket cheapie twin pack of flat pram sheets in cotton flannalette, which I used sometimes, mainly as a 'thin blanket'. Still use a lot now on the floor to cover the carpet by the cot/bed if I am worried about sick. (Babies long out if the pram!)

I have lots and lots of cellular pram blankets, pretty pram blankets, woolly pram blankets, fleecy pram blankets. I use them for a long time with both dd (now 4) and new dd (almost 1) - they are big enough to cover the baby until at least 1 year old, and a lot easier to wash and dry and layer up with than proper cot or bed sized. In the winter she sleeps under a mountain of them! Also still in use in car seat and pushchair. Big dd likes to borrow them for toys now too.

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