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CatRash Sat 21-Jan-17 15:12:30

Grim subject I know!

I'm currently 13+2 and wondering if I might have developed hemorrhoids already? I was hoping if anyone has experienced them before while pregnant and can advise on what they felt like?

The things which have got me wondering:-

1. I seem to be going for a #2 more often than usual and sometimes wake up feeling like I need to go.

2. I had a poo Monday and bled for no apparent reason (from my bum).

3. When I sit down it feels vaguely painful in my rectum - like there's a big poo in there (can't believe I'm writing this)

4. About an hour or so ago I got really intense pain in my rectum and abdomen. I explained it to my DH as not sure if I need a poo, a fart or to throw up. I've been laying in bed since, with the cat as a hot water bottle substitute, and it's subsiding but when I move I get a stabbing pain in my arse.

Well done if you've read this far - that's all pretty gross.

Thoughts? And what makes it better?

PS. There is nothing hanging out my arse

user1484383294 Sun 22-Jan-17 17:29:29

Does it feel itchy at all? I've suffered a bit but not too badly. I've found that sitting in a warm bath for 15 minutes before bed REALLY helps and wear big knickers!
Cleared it up quite quickly. Hope it helps a little!

EyelinerAndSpraypaint Sun 22-Jan-17 17:38:29

You need to get your doctor to have a look at you bum really.

Marley45 Sun 22-Jan-17 18:39:09

Unfortunately I can help... You need Preparation H gel to soothe, cosmocol sachets from your doctor to stop you getting constipated and making them worse, and big pants (no thongs!)

MauiChristmas Sun 22-Jan-17 19:24:53

I had piles that early on on pregnancy too, I didn't deal with them and it all got much worse. Speak to your doctor. sorry they are grim to have. sad

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