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Pack me my hospital bag!

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raviolidreaming Sat 21-Jan-17 14:34:01

I'm now 38 weeks and still haven't packed a bag. What essentials do I need in there? Please help me get started!

AreWeThereYet000 Sat 21-Jan-17 14:50:47

Towels - you and baby
Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/flannel etc)
Sanitary pads/breast pads
Large pants/maternity bra
Vests and baby grows (I have newborn and 0-3 packed, 3 of each for each size)
Coming home outfit and coat/snow suit
Coming home outfit for you (I've opted for leggings and loose top)
Charger, snacks and drinks

AreWeThereYet000 Sat 21-Jan-17 14:51:51

I've also packed spare tshirt and clean boxers for my partner incase we are in more than 1 day x

BillyButtfuck Sat 21-Jan-17 14:52:15


2014newme Sat 21-Jan-17 14:53:47

Ear plugs were essential
Warm socks
You may only be in a few hours

TheLadyWithTheYellowHat Sat 21-Jan-17 14:57:34

When I was being induced I packed cif wipes so I could wipe the toilet seat before I used the loo blush
I also found that flip flops were good for when I had a shower as I didn't like the thought of my bare feet being where other people's had been grin

Then the usual massive knickers, baby grows, nappies, toiletries, cotton wool for wiping babys bum, trakkies for coming home in, scratch mitts and don't forget your phone charger!
Good luck flowers

NennyNooNoo Sat 21-Jan-17 15:03:49

Spare trousers in case your waters break in the ones you're wearing when you go in.

raviolidreaming Sat 21-Jan-17 15:18:18

Thank you, wonderful people!

Ear plugs is a brilliant reminder - I sometimes use them at home, but always forget to pack them if I'm going anywhere. Thanks newme

Will pack a list for things like phone charger so they can go in at the time.


BellyBean Sat 21-Jan-17 15:31:08

Moist toilet wipes
Loose Nightie

raviolidreaming Sat 21-Jan-17 16:17:52

Definitely writing a snack shopping list! smile

BillyButtfuck Sat 21-Jan-17 19:18:32

I think cereal bars were my favourite snack to have, I was in for a month though!!
Also crisps grin

Notsure1234 Sat 21-Jan-17 19:48:47

Straws - much easier to sip from when in labour
Cosy socks
Hair bands

raviolidreaming Sat 21-Jan-17 20:21:45

Bloody hell, Billy I'm planning on one day maximum - that must have been brutal.

I've added all those to the list - particularly hair bands - thank you smile

Sunshinegirl82 Sat 21-Jan-17 21:15:34

Headphones, eye mask (in case you want a sleep in the day), blankets for baby (you won't be able to put them in the car seat in a snow suit, not in the car anyway!), water bottle with sports top so you can drink lying down, Vaseline (put on baby to make it easier to get metanium off). I found it easier to package up an outfit for baby (vest, sleep suit, hat, cardigan, nappy) and put these in a seperate plastic bag the DH/dp can find easily as when the midwife asks it can all be a bit of a panic and my DH can't find stuff at the best of times! A dressing gown in a dark colour is good too, I grabbed a black one from the men's section in Primark! Best of luck!

Sunshinegirl82 Sat 21-Jan-17 21:17:00


haveacupoftea Sun 22-Jan-17 08:29:22

You can buy pre packed ones online from a site called mummies goodies or something. Probably a bit late for you now though blush

LauraAndBaby Sun 22-Jan-17 08:38:12

Water wipes! You'll need them once you've been to the toilet, toilet paper is just a no 😬

Also water wipes for baby as well!

And also I see some comments saying 'coat/snow suit' it's not safe for babies to wear coats or snowsuits in the car seats because if you have a crash the straps would be too loose from the padding of the coat xxx

Womble75 Sun 22-Jan-17 08:44:42

Definitely flip flops! Besides the obvious Shower/bathroom issues actually couldn't get my shoes on to leave as my feet had swollen up from the epidural.
Also I took one of those water sprays in a can from boots, think they are called cool mist or something - labour wards are so hot.

Womble75 Sun 22-Jan-17 08:47:22

Oh and hat for baby, and nappies. Good luck!!

Mrstumbletap Sun 22-Jan-17 09:16:25

I had emergency c section, so was in hospital Friday-Sunday afternoon.

Slippers you don't mind chucking afterwards/flip flops
Big nighty with buttons down the front x2
Pantyliner/maternity pads
Big comfy knickers that reach your belly button (you don't know if you will have a c section)
Food! Chocolate/crisps/sweets
A few outfits for baby (hat, baby gro x3)
Newborn nappies
Blanket for baby
Something very comfy to wear when you leave.

My little one wouldn't latch despite me being man handled by so many different midwives, check for tongue tie etc, didn't work. So they said we 'he needs formula', but they didn't give it out at my hospital (didn't even think I would have a problem) so DH had to go to Tesco and get some of those little bottles with the teat. Life changing!! DS went from grouchy, hungry, screaming baby, to content full tummy baby. Amazing. smile

Christmasbaby16 Sun 22-Jan-17 09:37:41

I second a pack of the premade bottles just in case. Newborn size nappies.
Couple of blankets and towels for when you get baby out of the hospital ones they use initially
Dressing gown for comfort.
Good luck!

FlaviaAlbia Sun 22-Jan-17 09:42:52

A bottle of distilled witch hazel (not neat!) - you can get it in Boots.

You pour it onto maternity pads and it's very soothing for any grazes and stitches.

thethoughtfox Sun 22-Jan-17 09:47:53

Lip balm!!!

Gaaaah Sun 22-Jan-17 09:57:43

A bin bag. Essential for keeping wet/bloody/sick/poo/wee covered laundry away from clean stuff.

Take more maternity pads than you think you'll need.

Try to take dark clothing and towels, it hides the leaks very well.

AudreyBradshaw Sun 22-Jan-17 17:29:55

Most of what's below came from primark
Button Down nightie - (skin to skin/if bf/easier than pyjamas in case of catheter )
Big knickers -
Warm socks.
Soft sports bra type crop top. (Rather than maternity bra's/easier to whack a tit out without fuss)
Baggy/comfy trousers - jersey material so could be worn as pj's or to go home.
Couple of strapped tops (h&m do my nice quality maternity ones. )
Baggy jumper/cardigan - for wearing home.
Slippers/cheap flip flops

Water wipes.
Maternity pads.
Maternity puppy pads (much easier if you have a section/have a catheter in)
Flannel (multi purpose. Cold on head during labour. Used to wipe face etc after)
Wash bag - shower wash, GOOD QUALITY LIP BALM (I'm shouting that because I went through a metric fuckton of gas and air and my lips were insanely chapped the evening/ day after) brush/comb, bobbles. I took ear plugs/sleep mask (never came out of the bag, I was in one night)

Water wipes are much easier and you've got these already.
Baby bundlers (marks and spencer, SO much easier)
Few vests.
Blanket for in car seat. (Also, hat)
Familiarise yourself with car seat, they're tricksy as balls!

Plastic bag.
Snacks. Everyone says for during labour/your Dh. I was sick with every contraction and couldn't stomach anything while labouring, bugger your Dh, YOU need snacks for after! You may not get fed on the ward.
Fizzy lucoazade. Not the isotonic one. You need the sugar.

I had an EMCS and was only in 24 hours from operation to being discharged.
Good luck! Hope it all goes well!

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