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Suddenly showing with first - am I going to have an elephant?

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Moorhen Sat 24-Feb-07 12:01:33

I'm 31, 20 weeks today with first DS and so excited I can hardly wait.
We had our scan on Weds and he looks perfectly healthy and lively, but is also one week bigger than gestation date would suggest (and I KNOW those are right, have been totally consistent up to now). Sonographer said plus/minus ten days was a normal variation, but my MIL has spent HOURS telling me in gory detail about the births of all ten of her children, average weight being 10lbs, and I'm terrified!
Also, this is going to sound terrible but I've obv become visibly pg in the last few days, and people keep saying 'gosh, aren't you big' or similar. I'm actually feeling a bit defensive about it - I'm the same shape all over except my bump, and I love my bump, but I guess 20 years of being praised whenever I lost weight has an effect, no?

detoxdiva Sat 24-Feb-07 12:18:47

Congratulations on your pg.

I learnt very quick with my pg, that people - often complete strangers - have no shame in coming up to you, touching your bump and making comments about how big, small, high, low, etc etc you look . Just smile sweetly and resist the urge to tell them to naff off! (Or tell them to naff off and blame it on your hormones!)

You've had your scan and everything was fine. Please don't worry about what people say - and certainly don't listen to everyone elses birth horror stories! The human race would die out if everyones birth really was as bad as some people like to tell you

Enjoy your pg AND your bump - your beautiful baby will be here before you know it, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Flossam Sat 24-Feb-07 12:20:22

I'm over 8 weeks behind you with my second and am showing! It dosen't mean you will have a big baby (she tells herself!!).

I was expecting a big baby last time, I was over 10lbs, so had hardly any newborn clothes. DS appeared a reasonable 7lbs 7, over two weeks early mind. You never know. Tell MIL to piss off!

Mistiek Sat 24-Feb-07 12:21:14


I got very big very quickly in both my pregnancies. with DS1 I looked 14 weeks preggies, thought I was only 12 but when I went for the scan was 8 +5 weeks...
I got very large very quickly and was constantley asked if I was having a monster, or are you sure its not twins!
DS1 was 1 weeks overdue and weighed 8.8lbs

I am now 35 weeks PG with DD and have been told I was measuring 2 weeks bigger than I should be. Had a scan this week and baby is at the correct weight and fine - she weighs almost 6lbs so should be about 8lbs when born as I am having a C-sec in 4 weeks time. I am bigger this time round than last time and baby is not going to be any bigger than she should be.

So how you are carrying has no direct bearing on how big your baby will be - it may just be how you carry! Love your bump and try and ignore what others say... I started getting very stressed about my weight and then decided to just ignore everyone - at least you get a lot of attention! Look at it that way...

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