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Telling work

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Nickeebean Fri 20-Jan-17 21:55:08

Hi guys,
I'm really excited that I'm pregnant only 2 weeks though so early days but I'm worried about having to tell work soon I've worked with my company 2 years but we've recently been taken over by another company and I'm not sure how they'll take it, has anyone got any advice?

divadee Fri 20-Jan-17 22:10:33

You don't have to tell them that soon. You have until you are 25 weeks I think it is (that's when you should put in your matb form and apply for your maternity leave). If you can hide a bump then you don't have to tell them if you don't want to.

PotteringAlong Fri 20-Jan-17 22:17:44

You're also not two weeks pregnant! Your pregnancy is dated from your last period so the first 2 weeks are before you've even conceived. If you've known for 2 weeks you are about 6 weeks pregnant.

When you tell work really depends on what job you do and whether a pregnancy of any gestation impacts that.

Phoenix76 Fri 20-Jan-17 22:42:44

Agree with the others, when you're ready up until the required time is the right time to tell them. I was in exactly the same position. Worked there 2 years, company got taken over I got really anxious about telling them as I thought I'd be on the naughty list! I waited until my 12 week scan then had a face to face with my line manager. He was genuinely pleased for me, said it was great to have some good news, supported me throughout my pregnancy and the company sent flowers when baby was born. I'm now back at work and they have been amazing. So, in short, when you feel comfortable and please try not to worry.

everdene Sat 21-Jan-17 08:59:51

I was really nervous too as my line manager isn't supportive and not many people return after maternity leave.

I waited until I was about 15 weeks to say anything - I'd had my 12 week scan but didn't feel ready to say anything straight away.

It was fine, though, and I got a few projects out of the way so I could prove I'd been doing a good job in recent weeks!

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