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Stomach cramps!

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Nickeebean Fri 20-Jan-17 21:49:24

Hi guys, I've just found out I'm pregnant 2 weeks and I'm getting really bad shooting pains in my stomach I'm worried something's wrong? sad

Phoenix76 Fri 20-Jan-17 22:52:04

Hey nickeebean I've just posted on another of your threads! Unfortunately, most of us aren't qualified doctors so are unable to give you a diagnosis. If you start to feel really bad contacting out of hours would be advisable. Having said that, it is also not unusual to get all sorts of unpleasant feelings during pregnancy, at all stages. It could even be something as simple as trapped wind ( I had to take my sis to doctors today with agonising pains that brought her to tears and it was wind), ligaments starting to move, tummy bug the list is endless. Stay away from Dr Goggle (learnt this from experience!) and don't talk yourself into a panic attack. Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon x

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