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Would you buy a new cot mattress?

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Jane077 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:37:41

I have one that was brand new from Mamas&Papas bought in 2008. But it has been slept in by dd1, then two years later ds1 and then lent to my sister-in-law and slept in by her ds. In between time it's been stored under the bed and I can wash the mattress thing that unzips.
DD2 arriving in a month. Would you fork out £50 for a new one in case the fact it's 10 years old increases SIDS risk? Would really appreciate views.

Heirhelp Fri 20-Jan-17 12:38:46

Yes. 50 pounds is not much to keep your child alive.

AuntiePenguin Fri 20-Jan-17 12:41:49

Yes, the guidance says they shouldn't be reused even within the family.

savagehk Fri 20-Jan-17 12:43:30

Yes. I'd only reuse if you were positive it had never been weed/pood/vommed/drooled on (eg use always with waterproof layer).

Newbiecat Fri 20-Jan-17 12:46:46

Yes I'd definitely buy another. I reused mine between children 2 years apart but just had my 3rd child. The mattress was 6years and I chucked it. I have bought a new Moses basket mattress for all 3 children.

NickyEds Fri 20-Jan-17 12:48:10

I've always bought a new mattress for each cot/bed and again for each child.

UnoriginalNN Fri 20-Jan-17 12:48:19

Yep, I have just bought a new one for the imminent arrival of DD2 - they are as cheap as £25 now. I also bought new mattresses for the co sleeper and carrycot because they've been stored away and I can't vouch for them not being covered in invisible nasties.

LondonGirl83 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:51:14

Yes, it absolutely needs replacing

ExpectoPatronummmm Fri 20-Jan-17 12:52:35

Yes defo

Jane077 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:53:30

ok, feeling a bit tight now. sounds like the verdict is I should definitely splash out. what is this waterproof layer you speak of? not sure i used that with my previous dc. is that important for SIDS or just reassuring in terms of vom, pee etc?? thanks. even though i've done this twice before, i'm feeling like a bit of a newbie as times seem to have changed since i had my two seven and nine years ago.

mistletoeprickles Fri 20-Jan-17 12:55:53

Most definitely, guideline do say it should be replaced for every child.

savagehk Fri 20-Jan-17 12:58:29

When I was reading the SIDS related stuff prior to my son being born (4 years ago now!) one of the theories regarding mattress reuse and SIDS risk was that if bodily fluids got into the mattress they provided a handy breeding ground for bacteria, which then give off bad gasses. The theory was that these gases may be causing/contributing to SIDS. So to me it seems a good idea to keep the bodily fluids off the mattress by using a washable waterproof layer. There are cheap ones about (which essentially have a plastic layer stuck on) but I bought one of these which has a waterproof layer sandwiched between two cotton layers.

It will have the added bonus of keeping the mattress dry if disaster does strike so you only need to change bedding and don't have to worry about a wet mattress.

Jane077 Fri 20-Jan-17 13:15:34

thanks savagehk. those protectors from littlegreenshop look pretty good and not extortionate either.
thanks everyone. off to buy a mattress

MouseLove Fri 20-Jan-17 21:55:59

£50 is not a massive outlay really. To further reduce your chance of sids, don't use bumpers and have good airflow around and through the bars of your cot. Congratulations on your new arrival. X

MiniMaxi Fri 20-Jan-17 22:41:00

Yes definitely

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 20-Jan-17 22:42:44

Yes absolutely / should always replace with each child

and yours has had 3 children

But def in your case. Mattress is over 9yrs old so might not even reach safety guidelines now

Not worth the risk

Jane077 Fri 20-Jan-17 22:48:55

Thanks again for these replies. Mumsnet collective wisdom always impressive. X

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