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Can I choose where to have my baby?

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ELW2006 Fri 20-Jan-17 00:26:08

Hi everyone

My husband is in the Army and is currently posted a 5-6 hour drive away from our home which could be a problem if I went into labour and he wasn't home.

The plan we have thought of is that I would go to stay in London with my family at around 37 weeks so I had people close by but this also then cuts my husband's journey by a couple of hours then too.

Is this possible to do as the hospital I'd hopefully give birth at (St Thomas') is not in my CCG so how would I go about trying to arrange this? Would I have my midwife appointments in London or at home?

Its early days for us still (only 8 weeks) but just trying to get some information

Many thanks in advance for any help


Pinkapple47 Fri 20-Jan-17 00:34:37

Have you had your booking in app yet?
Mine was around 10 weeks and the midwife asks where you want to give birth. I'm not sure what happens after that as I chose my local hospital, but I would think the midwife will advise you of your options.
Also might be wise to consider other options nearby in case you go into labour earlier, maybe have someone staying with you from 30ish weeks if you will be alone.

3boys3dogshelp Fri 20-Jan-17 00:45:54

I'm not sure how it works but i chose the second -closest hospital to have my dc after a bad experience at the one I should have gone to.
Just be careful that you are on top of your appointments/scans/test results as I found on several occasions that I would get missed. Blood results went to hospital one and then ... Nothing happened - they would just get lost in the ether as there was no one responsible at that hospital for checking them or following up with me. Second time around I had to have consultant led care so I just requested to be checked in the clinic at hospital 2 and that worked better.

mrscrocopop Fri 20-Jan-17 12:47:58

I thought you could only opt for hospitals in your area. However if you are staying with family and go into labour I can't imagine a hospital turning you away...?!

MrsJW15 Fri 20-Jan-17 20:00:12

I'm having my care at St Thomas's. We live in London but not in the right area. We wanted to have the baby there, so we filled in a self-referral form and they were fine.

I am having all my midwife appointments there. I think that's how it always works - you see the midwife in the area.

Bellabelloo Fri 20-Jan-17 22:49:11

Apparently you can. I am in Sussex but saw a consultant privately in London. I was told I could choose where I wanted to give birth and could transfer to the NHS hospital he worked on if I wanted. I have decided to stay with my local hospital as it is less than a 5 minute drive.

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