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Home all the time and unwell - 8 weeks in

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user1484843368 Thu 19-Jan-17 16:50:04

Hi there, I'm 41 (feel very old) and it's my second pregnancy, but the first that's gone this far (previous miscarriage at 5w). I'm 8 weeks, have hypermobility which includes tummy problems and vitamin absorption problems. Have a great husband and good job which I've hardly been able to attend. I feel almost house-bound due to feeling so ill. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, hot and cold etc. Plus today, pelvic and hip pain plus tummy cramps (like bad period pains). Also I feel a bit like I'm underachieving but not going to work regularly as many of the working mums in my office seemed to make it in during the first trimester. I wondered if anyone else felt in a similar position? Sorry to moan:-(

Daffodil397 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:40:04

Come and join us on the hyperemesis support thread :-) lots of us on there who have been clobbered by the first trimester, and if unlucky, the whole way through!
Hyperemesis is more usually constant vomiting which I had with dd1, now pregnant with no 2 and thankfully (I guess) not so much vomiting but clobbered with constant nausea and fatigue!
Don't know why it affects some women this way, there's not even any history of this in my family :-( like you I've got a good job that I am failing to perform well at due to feeling so rubbish.
The hyperemesis support thread is good for tips about food to keep down and general moans about the unfairness of the world :-)
On the plus side I've heard it said that if you feel nauseous and wiped out it usually means the baby is growing well and strong as the growth hormones are kicking in big time, it was certainly the case with dd1 who aced all her scans and spent most of her time in my tummy happily kicking about even as I was housebound and off work for 10 weeks!
Hang in there, each day we get closer to the goal of a beautiful little baby to hold :-)
All the best xx

user1484843368 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:55:58

Thank you Daffodil397 your post means a lot and I will head over to the thread. I'm new to Mumsnet and still navigating the website:-)

ConvincingLiar Thu 19-Jan-17 19:33:27

It's not a competition. If you don't go to work normally when you have a sniffle/bit of a headache/feel a bit tired, then man up. If pregnancy has really walloped you then there's bugger all you can do about it. Hopefully this is a phase that will pass soon.

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