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Hormone levels rising but not doubling?! Help

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user1483558208 Thu 19-Jan-17 15:19:49

well basically this Tuesday (17th) I went for a early scan and blood tests, the scan showed a sac measuring 5 weeks 1 day but no baby. The blood tests on Tuesday showed my hcg levels were 8000. I had more blood tests done today (19th) and they've only gone up to 9000. still getting pregnancy symptoms and had no bleeding/pain, has anyone else had this and is it normal?

jinglebellmel Thu 19-Jan-17 19:05:30

Hi user, I understand that generally hcg needs to increase by at least 60% in 48 hours for a healthy pregnancy - I'm not an expert, so you may want to do a little googling to check that but I seem to remember that's what I was told during my miscarriage. So it does seem as though all isn't well with the pregnancy from those levels. I'm sure that's not what you want to hear, I'm so sorry sad

Did they give you any indication of what they thought was going on when you got the results? I hope you're okay.

flippyflapper Thu 19-Jan-17 19:56:47

Hi op,

Yes I had this my hcg didn't double, I was angry scans and blood tests.

I got a phone call from epu that they were sorry but it's most likely a mc.

Turns out TWO healthy babies and no idea why my levels never doubled but they are 5 now.

Good luck

titihood Fri 20-Jan-17 12:21:09

Hi OP,

I know it is really hard, but try not to worry. With my DS (now 5) I had bleeding at about 8 weeks and went to A&E - they did blood test for HcG levels and did a scan, which showed a blob with a heartbeat. They said that was very positive, but to return if had continued bleeding.

A few days later I was still bleeding on and off so went back. The Dr I saw that time did HcG levels (no scan) and said they hadn't gone up enough. They kept me in for several hours and did another HcG test which showed they had dropped a bit. The Dr told me I was having a miscarriage and told me to go home. I was understandable upset, particularly as I was by myself (my partner had to stay home as we had people staying with us and didn't want to tell them about pregnancy in case had a miscarriage). I had to ask the Dr what to expect and what to do. I walked home alone at 5am crying.

However, the miscarriage never happened and I went on to have a very healthy pregnancy and baby. I really hope that this is the case for you - although HcG levels do 'normally' double there are plenty of cases where they don't or where they fluctuate.

Can you contact your Early Pregnancy Unit and see if they can do a dating scan when you will be at about 7 weeks? They should be able to see a heartbeat by then, which will give you some peace of mind.

Hope all is well.

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