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Anyone else pregnant after miscarriage?

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Embobolina88 Thu 19-Jan-17 08:55:56

I have a little boy who is 15 months. I was expecting baby number 2 but miscarried at 11 weeks back in October. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant again and I'm so frightened. Booked an early scan for 4th Feb when I'll be around 9 weeks. I'm constantly worrying. When I miscarried in October it was after a week of terrible diarrhoea- I'm not sure if the diarrhoea caused the miscarriage or if it was part of the miscarriage. I now have a bad cough and I'm scared it's going l cause me to miscarry. Everything I'm reading tells me it won't. How do I stay positive?!

LoveAB Thu 19-Jan-17 09:01:26

I really hope so, I should find out this weekend. I also miscarried in October.

I'm in a state of total confusion. I want to be pregnant again, but at the same time it'll be weird it isn't the same baby - and I'll also be terrified that something might go wrong again confused

Personally I reckon your diarrhoea will have been part of the miscarriage, not the cause of it, and I don't think a cough will cause another one. I know it's easier said than done but you've just got to try and keep positive - a positive pregnancy will give you a positive baby! That's what I think anyway!

Fingers crossed for you

Embobolina88 Thu 19-Jan-17 09:10:52

Aw fingers crossed for you!! I know what you mean I thought I would feel like that. I still have the ashes in a little box in our bedroom. I can't bring myself to take them to scatter them. Especially now I'm pregnant again.

I'm trying to see it as a new pregnancy completely and not compare it to the last!

It's just so hard. I'm so excited but so nervous about the scan!

ExpectoPatronummmm Thu 19-Jan-17 12:56:20

I had a MC at 8 weeks in May
I'm now 31 weeks pregnant.
I haven't been able to enjoy the pregnancy as I'm constantly worried something will happen.

GreenGoblin0 Thu 19-Jan-17 16:19:33

had a MC at 6 weeks last Xmas, now 29 weeks Pg. I was really worried to begin with but just tried to rationalise it and felt quietly confident in end by time of 12 week scan as already had little bump and had a few flutters.

user1484843368 Thu 19-Jan-17 16:55:21

Hi, I had a miscarriage in 2015 and am only now 8 weeks pregnant. I have no children and am over 40. I had a scan at the EPU at 7 weeks and the embryo / heartbeat were shown to me, and it's the first time I allowed myself to believe it. I'm still worried about getting too attached as 12 weeks seems like a long way off. Scared is normal post-miscarriage is my conclusion I guess.

oliversmummy26 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:06:57

I had a mmc at the beginning of December and am now about 7 weeks, got pregnant straight after mc. So know exactly how you feel, it's all so terrifying and you're questioning everything and just worrying constantly...

There is a pregnancy after mc thread which I've been posting on, there are ladies on there at all stages, so it's really helpful and they're a wealth of information...

jinglebellmel Thu 19-Jan-17 18:58:39

I had a miscarriage in May and another in September, now 17 weeks pregnant. It's incredibly tough and I haven't mastered the anxiety yet, despite many reassurance scans! it helped me to know the key times when chance of miscarriage reduces (stats are on the miscarriage association web site) and to have private scans at those points - think I'd have gone mad without them!
I'd say the diarrhoea could have been a symptom of miscarriage or just unrelated pregnancy hormones/bad stomach (I've had plenty in all of my early pregnancies) I very much doubt it would have been the cause unless you'd have some sort of serious food poisoning etc. Coughing isn't going to cause you to miscarry either or no babies would survive the winter cold season smile try to breathe!
Focus on getting to 9 weeks and your scan if that's what you decide to do. If you see a healthy heartbeat after 8 weeks you have a 98% chance of a continuing pregnancy, at 10 weeks 99.4% - that's pretty good odds! Good luck x

m33r Thu 19-Jan-17 22:16:58

I had one in Feb, one in June and one in august. I am now 10+6 and it so tough. I've had two reassurance scans. The first I found reassuring as it showed me a baby with a heartbeat; the second because I was past the times I was miscarried and now like pp I'm getting flutters so starting to feel much better (notwithstanding deciding I have listeria and fretting about that!) x

Embobolina88 Fri 20-Jan-17 07:35:19

Jinglebellmel I like those percentages! I'll keep those in mind after my scan in a couple weeks!!! I wish i could stop stressing about the cough causing damage. I'd felt really positive until the cough started. But I'm getting no pain around the baby area and no bleeding so that has to be a good sign. I took for granted that everything would be ok last time cause of having a healthy pregnancy with my little boy. This time I'm scared to be so confident! X

jld128 Fri 20-Jan-17 11:06:40


i'm 15weeks pregnant after a missed miscarriage in june i've had 4 perfect healthy scans but spend most days swinging between excitement and pure terrified fear and i have to say i'm it enjoying being pregnant at all which makes me really sad as it's all we've wanted for 18months i don't think at any stage i will relax and enjoy it i'm just counting the weeks to july

Hobbitch Fri 20-Jan-17 11:24:50

flowers to all for your losses.

I'm in the same boat. My 1st pregnancy ended with a late miscarriage which traumatised us, and we were lucky to conceive again very quickly but couldn't relax until the birth. We had a couple of bad scares early on with bleeding, I had a lot of scans but everything was going well, the baby was always healthy and there was no reason to worry, but still I was so terrified. I did everything by the book food- and vitamin-wise, got rid of all my toiletries with essential oils etc... In the end my son was born safely and he was perfect! I only started breathing again once he was out of me! Getting to know my son made it easier to deal with the pain of losing my 1st baby; I found I couldn't regret the baby I'd never known when I had a son who was alive and so wonderful to live with every day.

Still, it was a tough introduction to motherhood and I'm still feeling the effects of the grief today. We decided to try for a second child this summer and I had an early miscarriage in September, which was so disheartening. Again though, we were lucky and managed to conceive again immediately. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and I know I will worry until my baby is born. We've already had 3 scans but everything looks well, fingers crossed. I officially hate pregnancy and will not have more than two children - hell, if I lose this one I'm not sure I'll have the strength to try again. At least I'm not as stressed about the wrong foods and toiletries this time so I guess I have relaxed ever so slightly since last time?

Good luck to all, it's terrifying but hopefully all will be well and we will soon be able to give our lovely babies a big hug.

Embobolina88 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:16:10

Hobbitch sorry to hear about your losses. It's just heartbreaking isn't it. Congratulations on expecting your second and stay positive!!! Xx

jinglebellmel Fri 20-Jan-17 14:35:53

Try not to worry about the cough (says the person who's booked another private scan because I've had flu this week and am super paranoid! ) good luck for the scan, let us know how it goes x

Soubriquet Fri 20-Jan-17 14:43:34

Lost my first at 8 weeks

Got pregnant 3 months later. Now have an almost 4 year old.

Got pregnant a year later. Lost it at 6 weeks. Got pregnant few months later. Have an almost 2 year old

Fell pregnant a few weeks after giving birth blush and miscarriaged 6 weeks later

And I have had another miscarriage about 4 months ago at 6 weeks again but I was secretly relieved tbh as I didn't really want any more children.

Dh has had a vasectomy now

DiggityDam Fri 20-Jan-17 14:52:08

I found out at my 10wk scan that I'd miscarried. Got pregnant 3 months later, and never felt relaxed enough to enjoy being pregnant.

I had a complicated pregnancy, so had scans every 4 weeks. Which was great for seeing the baby but the dread I felt before every scan was horrendous, usually I'm a very relaxed person.

I now have a wonderful, chubby 1 year old. Who was born a week before I lost the baby the previous year.

Snowflakes1122 Fri 20-Jan-17 15:02:47

I'm pregnant after a miscarriage too.

All looked perfect but sadly heart stopped with baby measuring 11+3 weeks in July.

I'm now 18 weeks and still nervous.

Congratulations to everyone on here on expecting their rainbow babies. flowers

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