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Ectopic pregnancy.

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kiwi10 Wed 18-Jan-17 21:36:50

I had sex 2 months ago unprotected with my partner and took the MAP 24 hours after my last period was 3 months ago and since taking the MAP I haven't had a period I know it can mess up your periods but it's getting too much now as I've started to get other symptoms along with it such as achey burning pain in my groin and leg and right ovary area and my lower back on the right side as well, I'm producing clear discharge and a lot of it, I'm waking up nauseous every morning,I feel pressure and fullness in my abdominal area. But the main problem is the pain in my abdominal it's starting to get stronger and stronger by the day goes by achey burning sensation. I have taken multiple pregnancy tests but keep coming back negative I have been calling for a doctors appointment everyday for 2 weeks now and I'm still not getting an appointment even though I'm calling first thing in the morning and they don't do advanced booking! (Only for blood tests etc Which is awful) but I'm just in tears of what I can do! I'm concerned it could be an ectopic and curious did you have similar symptoms as well?
Thanks in advanced!

TheTartOfAsgard Thu 19-Jan-17 00:03:35

I'm not 100% sure but I think an ectopi pregnancy would still give a positive pregnancy test. If you are in a lot of pain could you not phone your GP out of hours service and see if they can see you at a walk in centre?

Fieldandgrasses Thu 19-Jan-17 07:30:55

You need to get an emergency dr appointment, mention your ectopic fears to receptionist and they should get a Dr to call you back/ find an appointment. The symptoms aren't the same as the ones I had, but think you need to get checked out.

InTheDessert Thu 19-Jan-17 07:47:26

Very, very unlikely to be ectopic if any potential pregnancy is 3 months old. However it does sound like something is up, and you need a GP appointment.

My ectopic was bloody discharge and positive pregnancy test, identified at 6 weeks.

calimommy Fri 20-Jan-17 03:23:38

A three month foetus is too large for the Fallopian tube, pain and rupture occurs between 6-8weeks. And you should still get a + result even with ectopic. But something is certainly not right and going to see your doctor is a good idea x

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