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Confused over what doctor said

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mom2rhysnruby Wed 18-Jan-17 19:50:01

Hello please bare with me this is so confusing.
I have the implant and haven't slept with anyone in 4 months.. during the last 2 months I've been bleeding and passing tissue (not clots) since. I had surgery 2 weeks after the last time I slept with this person so that's another concern. They didn't do a test on me.
I'm 90% sure I had a early m/c in may I had a faint positive and a bleed after, I've always wondered about my implants effectiveness.
I have had every Pregnancy symptom going this time (I already have 2 children) but tests show up negative so I've just thought maybe it's my diet etc. I tested around 2-3 months after just to be certain didn't test at the time of the first bleed!
However the doc wants to do a pelvic exam and swabs and tests to rule out miscarriage, cancer etc.
I'm just wondering.. if I have miscarried without knowing I was actually pregnant then how would they know if it was months ago? It's all so confusing and worrying just need some reassurance tia x

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