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Disney land Paris (20 weeks preg)

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user1480930113 Tue 17-Jan-17 12:57:07

Planning on going to Disneyland Paris in March and I will be around 20 weeks pregnant. As I have never been before I have read about this "pink pass" you can collect from Disney....anyone else used this? X

McBaby Tue 17-Jan-17 13:08:25

Just be aware that almost all the rides have signs which say no pregnant people so with the long queues you may spend long periods of time by yourself.

user1480930113 Tue 17-Jan-17 13:12:32

Well this is why I am intrigued to the pink pass as it gives pregnant women queue jump for the rides they are allowed on.

HandbagCrab Tue 17-Jan-17 13:18:17

I had one. There's about 10 things you can go on. You don't have to queue but you have to wait the same time as everyone else. They write a time on the card so you can do something else. Then you wait at the attraction in a different bit with somewhere to sit with your party. It's well worth it for mickey and the magician show as there's a roped off bit you can go in so you don't get squished! Have a great time

user1480930113 Tue 17-Jan-17 13:20:25

Thanks HandbagCrab really useful. How many people can use it in your party?

harleysmammy Tue 17-Jan-17 18:38:27

My WHOLE family went to disney when i was 19 weeks and my sister in law was 27 weeks. We had a pink pass and it literally did nothing, we both went on one ride that we was allowed on and it wasnt even a proper ride, we both spewed because the slightest notions can make you feel ill. Me, my sister in law and my dad spent the whole 5 days holding everyones bags and taking photos of them on rides. Id just be careful getting one as going on rides, even tiny baby ones, can make you feel funny. X

HandbagCrab Wed 18-Jan-17 09:34:35

I had dh and ds with me. From memory you can go on it's a small world, buzz light year, orbitron, dumbo, fairytale boats, the carousel and railway in the main park. In the studios you can only go on the tram tour but you can use the pass for mickey and the magician and for accessible seating for the car show. You can go to all the shows, walk arounds etc. so there's plenty to do. I was about 19 weeks and I rested when dh and ds went on things I couldn't and it was fine. If you get extra magic hours I'd strongly suggest getting up and using them as Disneyland is much better when it's a bit quieter.

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