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Period week late second month after natural IVF

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Llee79 Tue 17-Jan-17 10:51:35


Looking for similar stories really! I had a failed natural FET in December. No drugs apart from a trigger shot to bring on ovulation. My period came on the very same day it always does in December. Now in Jan I am 7 days late. I did a test at 5 days late and it was negative. I asked the ivf centre and confirmed our treatment should not have affected my periods. I had a bloody show a week after ovulating and cramps everyday since. One morning feeling sick. No other symptoms. Has this happened to anyone else after a natural treatment? I'll test again this weekend maybe? I'm so v v bloated!! We had sex at the right times this month so it is possible but to add I am ALWAYS bang on 28 days to the hour with my period coming. I'm v confused As the cramps feel like something is happening! Stil having stretchy CM too. That's all the details...anyone concur??

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