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Did morning sickness make you dizzy?

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FEJ2016 Mon 16-Jan-17 19:34:02

I've been enjoying (coping with!) all-day nausea for about two weeks now which is horrid but worth it obviously. I wasn't however expecting to feel so light headed and dizzy all of the time. It makes me feel doubly poorly especially when I lie down. I'm a bit of a nervous pregnant lady having had an early miscarriage before this one; could someone please tell me if this is what happened to them and how long it lasted? sad

Pregnantmumma123 Mon 16-Jan-17 19:58:39

Hi, I had terrible nausea and vomiting (which lasted until 20 weeks ish) and I remember also feeling extremely dizzy with it particularly between 6-12 weeks - I staggered to the doctors several times and begged them to help, turns out I had low blood pressure and that was contributing to the dizziness and nausea. I ended up having to take anti sickness tablets to get by and look after DS1. How many weeks are you?

lorisparkle Mon 16-Jan-17 20:14:35

I felt terribly dizzy and light headed when pregnant with ds3 and popped in to the drs. The nurse checked by blood pressure and it was very low so they got me to put my feet up and gave me something to drink. It is worth getting it checked out. I found drinking more and trying to eat more really helped.

FEJ2016 Mon 16-Jan-17 20:17:58

Thank you I will go on that advice. I'm 8 weeks. Really hoping that when I get to the second trimester it's kinder to me!

Wonderflonium Mon 16-Jan-17 21:45:59

Same as pps, I felt soooo dizzy and was sure something terrible was happening. It was low blood pressure.

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