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Mitral valve regurgitation in pregnancy/after delivery

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ZoeSelina Mon 16-Jan-17 14:38:39

Has anyone been pregnant with a heart murmur caused by mitral valve leakage?
I'm 20 weeks and my appointment with the obstetrician isn't for another month.
Just wondering whether anyone knows if it causes problems, especially after delivery?
(mine is quite mild though - I'm asymptomatic pretty much all the time, and was v sporty before pregnancy)

pinkcandyflossy Mon 16-Jan-17 19:51:30

Hi there I also have this and am still class as a very low risk pregnancy literally midwife had no cause for concern and neither did the consultant who didn't even need to see me.

They don't let you go through a long second stage of labour (the pushing) but when I had my previous 2 this was not a long stage any way and as I said there was no cause for concern in he pregnancy, the labour or afterwards.

ZoeSelina Tue 17-Jan-17 06:12:53

Thanks for that - it's reassuring!

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