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Achy breaky hips

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Littlejayx Mon 16-Jan-17 14:22:51

Hi Ladies,

I am 14 weeks and my hips are hurting something proper!

Is this normal?!

KatnissMellark Mon 16-Jan-17 14:33:25

Normal but not ideal. How are you sleeping? I've a memory foam mattress topper which I think helps, and also a huge body-length V shaped cushion which I clamp between my legs to keep my hips aligned and the other part of the V supports my back. Also pregnancy yoga-if you find a good teacher they'll help you strengthen all the relevant muscles amd correct your posture to try to keep pain at bay flowers

harleysmammy Mon 16-Jan-17 16:40:57

I definitely put it down to sleeping. My dad used to work for a bed factory so my mattress is the best of the best mattress, like it has every single thing in it to make it the best. That still didnt help my hips. Im 24 weeks and only the past week or so i havent slept on my side, i slept on my side ever since i found out because i was scared after reading that you should only sleep on the left. It got to the point where i had shoulder, neck, hip pain and headaches for 5 days all down to the hips hurting because of how i was sleeping. No pillow between the legs or maternity pillow helped, not even sitting bolt upright all night (with half an hour sleep). The only thing that helped was sleeping in different positions, not just one. If its not your sleeping, its just the baby growing. I had a very bad painful tailbone and still do, that is down to the baby. If it is the baby growing, theres nothing you can do but put heat on the hips (not on bump). It will go when you get further along though trust me x

Littlejayx Tue 17-Jan-17 07:24:35

I have a memory foam mattress and buying a pregnancy pillow today! And starting yoga this week hopefully so fingers crossed 😊

I'm usually a left hand side sleeper so I'm doing okay thank god.

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