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Possible pregnancy on the Mirena coil

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user1484265692 Mon 16-Jan-17 12:55:14

Hey! I'm new here but I'm hoping you could give me your opinions 🙏🏼
I already have two children, 3 and 1 (nearer to 4 and 2!) and I had the mirena coil fitted when my youngest was about 12 weeks old.
The past week I've been having (tmi) more discharge than usual, tingly boob and sensitive nipples (has calmed down the past day but it's still unusual for me to have that), slight nausea and fatigue, bad back (but not just focused on the lower back)
The first day of my last period was 13th Dec I THINK (I've not been keeping great track) I've not had a period yet this month and due to all these symptoms I decided to test.
Can anyone see a faint line?

theothercatpurred Mon 16-Jan-17 12:57:43

Yes I can see a faint line. Did it come up straight away?

Want2bSupermum Mon 16-Jan-17 12:59:38

I got pregnant on the mirena coil. Im here in the US and they brought me in right away for a scan to see if it was an ectopic pregnancy. I can't see a faint line from your picture but had the same with my mirena pregnancy. I used a digital test that told me in words that I was 'pregnant'.

user1484265692 Mon 16-Jan-17 13:08:36

Thanks for your replies! Not straight away no. I know they say about evap lines but it came up probably 1 minute after the time frame they give. The only times a lines been left after ages on my tests is the other two times I've been pregnant, they rest of the time they are always clear hours later. I've got another test which I'll use in a couple of days if af doesn't come.
Did your pregnancy go well? I'm beginning to think the coil isn't as effective as statistics say!! X

CycleOnTheLEFT Mon 16-Jan-17 13:26:06

I'm not sure that's a line, but either way it's relatively common to have pregnancy symptoms with the mirena coil from time to time. I'd test again in a few days.

Want2bSupermum Mon 16-Jan-17 16:46:24

user pregnancy went well. DS will be 4 next month. It was a heck of a shock. They couldn't get the coil out so they moved it to a better position. It came out with DS.

If I were you I'd do the early response test that is digital. You really want to get a scan this week if you are pregnant.

Want2bSupermum Mon 16-Jan-17 16:47:35

Also, I called my obn with the result and they had me attend the hospital for a detailed scan that afternoon. When I had suspected preeclampsia they had me wait two days so it was treated as an absolute emergency.

haveacupoftea Mon 16-Jan-17 19:54:24

If you haven't had a positive that you can see with the human eye, you're probably ok.

ChickenLicken22 Mon 16-Jan-17 20:08:47

I am currently pregnant having thought I was on the copper coil. I had an early scan and it must have fallen out (I had it put in professionally etc).

Total shock. Due in 1 month.

Husband has now had vasectomy grin

theothercatpurred Mon 16-Jan-17 20:13:05

So the line came up after 11 minutes (or whatever they say the limit is)? I've had a line come later on a test, like that. I was not pregnant.

If it's outside of the time window it's inconclusive.

I would check again in the morning.

Want2bSupermum Thu 19-Jan-17 02:30:18

OP Did you take another test?

JC23 Thu 19-Jan-17 03:17:07

Yesterday I had an ultrasound to locate my Mirena as I wasn't able to feel the strings any more.
The sonographer found the IUD but also found a possible ectopic pregnancy (possible cyst).
I've done two pregnancy tests today and they were both strong positives.
Heading to the doctor now (I'm in Australia) and feeling anxious. sad

Want2bSupermum Thu 19-Jan-17 03:42:56

JC Good luck. Apparently if identified early enough you don't have to lose the whole of your fallopean tube. They tried to take mine out but the far arm was in the middle of the placenta. They were able to move it so it didn't affect my pregnancy.

Good luck and flowers

JC23 Thu 19-Jan-17 04:53:31

Thank you. I'm not in any pain so hopefully if it is an ectopic I've caught it early enough.
Doctor didn't believe at first that I'd had two positive pregnancy tests but she did another and yep it was positive.
Heading to A&E now.

JC23 Thu 19-Jan-17 04:54:41

Sorry to hijack your thread OP blush

Any news?

Want2bSupermum Thu 19-Jan-17 14:24:22

JC I hope it goes well. That mirena cool was the ultimate nightmare for me. I struggled with the side effects of it and then the bloody thing didn't work. The cool part was that when DS was pulled out he was holding the damn thing.

ChoudeBruxelles Thu 19-Jan-17 14:26:00

I got pregnant while I had a mirena coil. Go to your gp. There's a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy than usual

theothercatpurred Thu 19-Jan-17 21:27:50

JC good luck flowers

User148... are you OK?

museumum Thu 19-Jan-17 21:39:22

I have a mirena and am retry sure I'm not pregnant but I often miss periods and have discharge and sensitive breasts / nopples. I think it's the hormones.

JC23 Thu 19-Jan-17 21:50:39

Thank you. I'm going to be treated with methotrexate and hopefully avoid surgery. So lucky that it was discovered so early.

I've used Mirena since DS1 was born 11 years ago. This is my third one and I've never had any issues at all. Not sure what I'm going to do now. Maybe just get it replaced with a fresh one. It's a worry though because I will now be at higher risk of another ectopic and I don't have any periods with Mirena or any menstrual/pregnancy symptoms so I wouldn't know if it happened again until it was too late.

Want2B That's hilarious, not many babies get a toy to play with before they're even born! Glad it all worked out ok for you in the end.

Want2bSupermum Thu 19-Jan-17 22:42:24

JC I am sorry this wasn't a viable option but thank goodness you were checked out.

Want2bSupermum Thu 19-Jan-17 22:43:15

*option! Should say pregnancy.

Frogqueen13 Thu 19-Jan-17 22:49:34

I got pregnant with the coil in, 4.5 years after insertion. It didn't go well and ended it back miscarriage at 6 weeks probably down to not being able to implant that was my n September and the coils still not come out yet, waiting for hyseroscopy on 2nd of Feb.

That said I would have another one just get it changed earlier tbh

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