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Baby kicks 25 weeks.

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harleysmammy Mon 16-Jan-17 11:46:54

Im 25 weeks and 99.9% of the time i can see and feel the baby kick WAAAY above my belly button. He is growing a week or so bigger and my midwife have had i have one hell of a bump when she feels him, so neither of us hand any worries about that. He's always active everyday and like i said, literally all the time i can either feel him with my hand of watch my belly move way above my belly button. This morning when i woke up, i could feel him doing little kicks in my side and then realized they were quite low, now sitting at a desk i can feel him around my hips and bikini line ish, not up in my stomach as far as he normally is. Im not worried as such but i cant remember feeling him be so low in a good 3 or 4 weeks. Im pretty sure he's stopped doing somersaults now as when he kicks its almost always in one place and they are more likebfeeling him move his arms and legs around. As long as i can feel him kick im not overly worried,'i just want to know if its normal to sometimes feel them move quite low down at this stage x

babyhamish Mon 16-Jan-17 11:58:43

I'm 24 weeks and can feel/see movements in both places, think it's just where they are laying or what they fancy kicking/punching with! Xxx

HopeAndJoy16 Mon 16-Jan-17 12:17:14

Maybe he's turned breech, so he's head up at the moment? It is normal for babies to move into various positions and he'll probably turn back head down again soon ☺ as long as he is as active as he normally is xx

harleysmammy Mon 16-Jan-17 12:33:18

Its not super super low so im not that worried about him being engaged or anything, he's just started kicking by my belly button again but still some low down movements, he must just be kicking and punching at the same time haha xx

JJ1612 Mon 16-Jan-17 17:52:06

My baby always feels like it's low down, especially when I'm walking around, but when I see my belly move it's always higher up. Think she just likes to confuse me lol

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