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Ultrasound boy?

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Gem5487 Sun 15-Jan-17 18:55:14

Hi, first ever post so not sure if I'm doing it right! Anyway, I have two gorgeous boys and just found out I'm pregnant with my 3rd boy! I'm super happy to be having another boy I just can't shake the feeling it's a girl and the gender scan is completely different to my two boys scans! What do you think?

ALLthedinosaurs Sun 15-Jan-17 19:00:40

Erm... I'm not a sonographer but I see a willy and balls!

Congratulations on your third boy, how lovely grin

haveacupoftea Sun 15-Jan-17 20:07:11

If its a girl she has a pretty impressive pair of balls!

Gem5487 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:29:54

grin I suppose my gut instinct is wrong!

ALLthedinosaurs Sun 15-Jan-17 20:36:10

If it reassures you, that's exactly what my son looked like on the scan. I told her I thought I was having girl and she shrieked with laughter and pointed out the balls 😂

MouseLove Sun 15-Jan-17 21:10:09

I'm crap at looking at scan pics. But I can see some massive balls and a widge. That's certainly a boy! Sorry!!! 😳

kathrynelizabeth3005 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:39:58

That's definitely a little boy!!

thecatsarecrazy Mon 16-Jan-17 09:04:47

Haha I definitely see plumbs. Congratulations.

SuperManStoleMyPants Mon 16-Jan-17 09:08:23

I can't make anything out confused I'm staring and getting annoyed with myself as I can see anything!!

Gem5487 Mon 16-Jan-17 11:08:38

It's an under bum shot so the part in the middle on the right is his bits! 😂

SuperManStoleMyPants Mon 16-Jan-17 21:45:04

grin I can see it! Thanks op! And congratulations!

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